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The longer you delay calling your local emergency 24 hour plumber, the more hassle and potential damage a blocked drain could cause to your home. Below is a list of the most common reasons why drain pipes get blocked.

Loose Hair. A major cause of blocked drain pipes. When showering, loose hair will eventually clog and block your drain pipes, especially when you don’t regularly unclog.

Toiletries. A lot of people have the bad habit of throwing unnecessary items down the drainage system. These include but are not limited to: wet wipes, baby wipes, nappies, sanitary towels and tampons, dental floss and other toiletry items that end up becoming blocked in the drain.

Grease. Food fat tends to stick to the inner walls of your pipes along with binding to other contents that go down your drain pipe. Fat storage builds up gradually, and eventually leads to complete blockages within your drainage system.

Broken Pipes. Wear and tear is common in all types of pipes. When this happens, foreigh objects will then get in your drainage system causing a potential block in your pipes.

Poor Installation. If your drainage pipes were installed poorly using DIY methods or was done by an amateur drain company, chances are your pipes could become blocked or become cracked.

Heavy Rain and Floods. Heavy rain, floods, and storms may cause a deluge that can result in overflowing drainage pipes and blocked drains from debris that has collected and accumulated in and around your drains.

Natural Debris. Natural debris such as leaves and shrubs can accumulate in your drainage pipes causing them to block. This often occurs during the spring and autumn season.

Mineral Deposition. Minerals, particularly from hard water can deposit in your pipes potentially blocking your drainage system after some time. Areas that contain hard water tend to have higher ratios of mineral-blocked drainage pipes.

Preventing a Blocked Drain 

Blocked drains can be prevented by avoiding or minimising the causes. Hiring a professional drain clearing company such as 24 Hour Plumber in Dublin for drainage pipe repair or installation is the quickest and hassle free way to unblock your drain. On a day to day basis, remove hair or any other buildup from the bath, shower or sink before it becomes lodged within the pipes whilst avoid disposing of toiletries into the pipes.

Don’t attempt to unblock drains on your own

There’s nothing wrong with unblocking a minor clogging of the kitchen sink. However, with more large scale blockages, you may end up cracking the pipes, breaking the drainage system, or even pushing the material further down the pipes. Instead, call 4 Hour Plumber who will have your pipes cleared in no time wherever you are located in Dublin whether thats in the city centre or elsewhere in the city or county.

If drains get blocked, it’s best to consult expert drainage service teams to avoid damaging the lining of the pipes. The experts use CCTV drain surveys to examine hard to reach places. This system allows them to quickly unblock or repair the drains resulting in the least amount of damage. 

Forget about blocked drains

Blocked sinks and blocked toilets happen frequently. High volume usage of showers and toilets which can happen more frequently over the summer months can leads to blocked drains.

If you require professional help unblocked a drain, call 24 Hour Plumber who will send out an expert member of our team to promptly and professionally deal with your drainage problem.

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