At 24 Hour Plumber, we are known for our quality plumbing services and exceptional customer service. Whether you have a small job like a dripping tap that needs repairing or any kind of household plumbing emergency, we can help you. Here we will have a look at 9 common tap problems and how to spot them.

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When it comes to common household plumbing requests, taps are top of the list for variety. Although tap issues are relatively similar,  there are many types of taps available and used in homes across Ireland

At 24 Hour Plumber, our plumbers always attend repair and installation jobs with a full range of tap parts. We have installed and repaired every kind of tap imaginable, from shower mixer taps to instant boiling water taps for kitchens.

We know that a broken tap or a tap that’s not working properly can cause a high degree of inconvenience. That’s why our experienced and friendly plumbers always work effectively and efficiently to get your taps repaired or replaced quickly. 

Whatever type of tap or tap problem you are experiencing, 24 Hour Plumber has an accredited, professional plumber near you, and ready to help.

Below, we look at some of the most common tap issues and what to look out for. We’ve also included some information about common toilet issues, the different taps available for bathrooms, kitchens, showers and gardens.

Common Tap Problems

Whichever tap type you have, the kind of problems you can experience with them will be the same as any other tap, with very few exceptions. Common tap problems experienced by homeowners in Ireland include:

Some taps, like instant boiling water taps, can have issues specific to the tap type, such as no longer producing boiling water. We can help specific issues like this too.

1. Bath Tap Repair And Installation – Water Running Slowly

Something we come across fairly regularly with bathroom taps is the water running slowly from the tap. This is usually a symptom of a bigger problem within the plumbing system. This might be a blockage of some kind in the pipes for example. 

The worst case scenario is that a slow running tap can be a sign that there is a leak somewhere. The problem with a hidden leak is that water and pressure can build up under the floorboards and create water damage. Unfortunately, we have seen more than one home with a collapsed ceiling caused by pooled water from a leak above.

Pro tip: Catch the problem early. When bath taps run slower than usual for more than one day, call a plumber to check there isn’t a bigger problem.

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2. Bathroom Mixer Taps Repair And Installation – Dripping Tap

Taps of every type, including bathroom mixer taps, share one common problem – dripping!

A dripping bathroom mixer tap may or may not be obvious. You might be able to see the drip when you turn off the tap or you might be able to hear the drip. 

On the other hand, you might not be able to see or hear the drip at all. Sometimes, a drip catches on the tap itself and starts to run down the tap unseen. Only noticed when water starts to mysteriously pool around the sink or even on the floor.

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3. Bath Shower Mixer Tap Repair And Installation – Replacing Bath Taps

Replacing bath taps with shower mixer taps is a very popular choice across all counties. The convenience of having the choice of a bath or shower at the flick of a switch is easy with a bath shower mixer tap.

To replace existing, standard, bath taps with a bath shower mixer tap is a straightforward installation job. We first close off the water, then remove the old taps. The bath shower mixer tap then fits snugly over the two holes of the old taps. 

When having a bath shower mixer tap installed, you have the choice of having a shower head that is handheld or wall mounted. A wall mounted shower head is the better choice if you plan to use the shower regularly.

With the growing popularity of bath shower mixer taps, the available styles and finishes has also increased. You can now choose from chrome, gold, black and more finishes to match the basin taps.

Call a professional plumber on  085 855 6111 or book a bath shower mixer tap service here. We are happy to offer advice on the repair or installation of bath shower mixer taps and the best choices for your bathroom.

4. Freestanding Bath Tap Repair And Installation – Bathroom Remodelling

Throughout our decades of plumbing, we have witnessed bathrooms evolving in style and use. Gone are the days when a bathroom was just a standard bath, toilet and sink. Now, more and more homeowners are putting their own stamp on bathrooms. Taking out the fitted bathroom suites and replacing them with wet rooms, modern styling and – more recently – free standing baths. 

Freestanding baths are themselves available in a wide range of modern styles. Most of which are double ended, meaning there’s no space for standard bath taps. Instead, freestanding bath taps are used. Tall, elegant, taps that plumb directly into the pipes beneath the floor. These sleek taps have become a focal point of bathrooms thanks to the high standard of designs available. 

When properly installed, there is no real downside to having freestanding taps. Like other taps, they will with time need maintenance and repair.

If you are planning on installing freestanding bath taps or remodeling your bathroom, be sure to call a professional 24 Hour Plumber to have them installed right. Call us on 085 855 6111 for more information about how we can help.

5. Shower Tap Repair And Installation – Intermittent Hot And Cold Water

Most, non-electric showers use shower mixer taps for convenience. The most frequent call out we receive for shower mixer taps is a problem with water temperature. A mixer tap, of all types including for showers, should allow you to choose the perfect temperature – not too hot, not too cold. 

When the water starts to run between hot and cold water intermittently, it’s a sign of a problem. There are a number of things that could cause this kind of issue, including valves, blockages or damage to the shower.

The important thing to do with a shower displaying this issue is to diagnose the problem properly, the first time. We have built our solid reputation on our ability to quickly get to the root cause of any plumbing problem as well as our excellent customer service. 

Other issues that you might experience with a shower tap, include:

When you are experiencing an issue with your shower tap or if you would like to have one installed, call for one of our professional plumbers near you.  You can contact us on 085 855 6111 for shower tap repair and all plumbing issues.

Pro tip: Look out for limescale build up on shower heads that can cause shower water to flow slower or even trickle. Clean your shower head regularly or descale with baking soda and vinegar.

6. Wall Or Floor Mounted Taps Repair And Installation – Water Splashing

Wall mounted taps are a sleek alternative to the standard taps that fit on the sides of sinks and baths.  Suitable for use in bathrooms and kitchens, wall mounted taps come in some of the most stylish designs we have seen. They can be used with standard baths and basins in place of pillar taps (holes left by pillar taps can be capped or filled) or with more modern style baths and basins.

You might experience, with ill-fitted wall mounted taps, that they spray water onto the wall and surround. It’s important to get them fitted correctly, the first time. In terms of general reliability, wall mounted taps are no better or worse than any other tap. With time and use, they may leak or splutter. In which case a quick call out from an expert plumber will set them right again. 

Installing wall mounted taps for the first time may require some of your bathroom tiles or wall to be removed. This allows us to fit the necessary pipes to reach your new taps.  Talk to one of our team about the suitability of wall mounted taps for your bathroom, kitchen or ensuite.

Fixing and installing taps without experience is a much harder job that it seems and we always recommend calling in a professional plumber. Please call us if you would like some help with any type of tap in your home. We would be happy to advise and our customer service team will happily put you in touch with a local plumber to help.

7. Washbasin Tap Repair And Installation – Stiff Tap

The standard taps on most bathroom and kitchen washbasins are called pillar taps. Pillar taps are the type that comes in pairs, one for hot water and one for cold water. These classic style taps have lasted the test of time because they are sturdy and reliable. In fact, this type of tap has been in use for more than 150 years. Mixer taps came some time afterwards.

Pillar taps are so reliable that often the only complaint they have is stiffness. This is when your tap becomes hard to switch on or off. If you are finding that your basin taps are stiff for the first time, then a simple repair job should suffice. 

Washbasin tap stiffness is nearly always down to the rubber seal within the tap becoming worn. Sometimes a seal can deteriorate completely. The stiffness could also be caused by a faulty or old washer.

Pro Plumber Tip: Avoid the temptation to use WD40 on stiff taps. WD40 has many brilliant and versatile uses but does not work well with rubber. If the rubber seal in the tap is not worn, it will be after a dose of WD40.

Replacing stiff taps is also an option if you would prefer to take the opportunity to upgrade your bathroom hardware. You can choose to replace your pillar basin taps with a new version of the same or you can choose to replace it with a mixer tap.  

Mixer taps come in two styles – two legged and monobloc. The easiest option is to opt for the two legged as these are designed to fit over the holes, and connect to the pipes, left by the old pillar taps. That said, don’t rule out monoblocs if that is your preference, more on these taps below.

Don’t waste your time trying to loosen stiff taps when we can do it for you in less than an hour. Want your taps replaced? We can do that in less than a morning too. Call us on 085 855 6111  or contact us here to arrange a plumber to call out at a time that is convenient for you.

8. Monobloc Tap Repair And Installation – Replacing Two Taps With On

Monobloc taps are sometimes skipped over as a choice for homes replacing two taps with one mixer. When in truth, a monobloc is an option, even if it is replacing two taps.

A monobloc tap is a mixer tap with one leg (or column if you like) that transports the mixed hot-cold water from the pipes to the faucet. When replacing two taps with one monobloc, chrome or white caps can be used to seal the holes left by the old taps.

9. Kitchen Deck Mounted Tap Repair And Installation – Taps Have Lost Pressure

There are many great options available for kitchen taps at the moment. Long gone are the days when you could choose between either a pair of hot and cold taps or a kitchen mixer tap. The options for kitchen taps now also include deck mounted taps, wall mounted taps (see above) and instant hot water boiling taps. They are all good choices, depending on your needs.

When Taps Have No Pressure

When water stops coming out of your taps or comes out in spurts, it could be a number of problems. The most obvious to check first is the water supply. Check other taps in your home and check with your next door neighbour to see if they lost pressure too.

A lot of homes in Ireland have low water pressure, but it doesn’t usually affect the taps. If the rest of your taps are running fine and your neighbour has no issues, check if the dishwasher or washing machine are running, or even the bath. Anything else in the household that’s competing for water can cause this issue.

Still no joy? It might be time to call a plumber. When you have ruled out the simple stuff above, you will need a professional to diagnose the problem quickly. It could be an airlock which is when a bubble of air blocks the water running through your plumbing system. This usually happens with the hot water system. Another clue is that your radiators may have cold spots.

If the water pressure doesn’t come back to your taps after a couple of hours, call us at 24 Hour Plumber for advice.

Do You Need A Plumber To Change Taps?

If you need an Emergency Plumber North Dublin or an Emergency Plumber South Dublin when it comes to water, gas or electric systems in your home, you should always call a professional unless you have training yourself. With taps, a DIY effort can result in loose fittings, flooding, leaks, and expensive taps that don’t work at all. Get in touch for a no-obligation quote before you try to fix or change a tap yourself.

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