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In Dublin, a variety of bathroom taps are available in the market, and you may think that picking one is an easy task. But remember, different bathrooms require different fixtures. 24 Hour Plumber can install any design and style that are suitable for your needs. Below is a list of the most common bathroom types.

Mixer Taps

Mixer Taps are becoming an increasingly popular type of bathroom tap. It is usually mounted on a basin with one hole. Water supply flows from both the hot and cold taps. The water is now mixed in a valve and flows from the spout. You can control the water temperature because of this. Mixer Taps are quickly replacing the Pillar Tap because of this and other reasons.

Pillar Taps

Pillar taps are the most commonly used bathroom taps in Ireland. However, they are quickly being replaced with the increasing popularity of the Mixer Taps. Pillar Taps are two parallel taps mounted on two mounting points on a basin or bath. One tap is for the hot water, and the other one is for the cold water.

Deck Mounted Bath Filler Tap

These taps are mounted on a bath with holes for the hot and cold feeds. The water is then mixed to a preferred temperature and flows out of the spout. These taps have larger flow rates as compared to basin taps for faster filling of baths.

Bath Shower Mixer Taps

These are almost similar to the Bath Filler Taps, except these have an attached extra hose and head for showering. This way, the tap performs two actions, bath filling, and showering. This is very convenient since you may switch the water from the spout to the hose or from the head to the spout using a diverter on the spout.

Wall Mounted Taps

These bathroom taps are mounted in the wall above the bath or basin. These usually have a single handle and spout with a cover plate. This type of bathroom tap is more difficult to maintain since everything is in the wall, and you have to remove the plate to access it.

Floor Mounted Taps

Floor taps are mounted directly on the floor instead of the bath itself. Floor mounted bathroom taps have a long body to compensate for the gap. These taps have a stylish and contemporary look but take some time to plan and get the plumbing in the correct spot on the floor. 

Bathroom taps and common issues with taps in Dublin

Low Water Pressure

A lot of things can cause low water pressure. Simple causes may be that the shut-off valve is not closed off fully or one of the taps is blocked. Causes can also be as serious as plumbing blockages or water leaking that decrease the water pressure. There can be more than one cause to this problem and it’s best that you get a qualified plumbing expert to check multiple areas to make sure everything is performing its intended function properly.

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