A broken immersion can cause havoc in any household’s day. No hot water to have a shower, wash the dishes, or even clean the house! When your immersion breaks down, call 24 Hour Plumber any time of day or night. We’re here to help you when you need us the most.

Why do immersions break?

Immersions most often break down due to age. They are built to last and on many call-outs we still find the original immersion in place. Over time, an immersion, like any other household machinery, will wear out. Things that break on an immersion include:

Over time, some tanks (usually the older ones) start to erode inside. You will know this is happening to your tanks if your hot water changes colour. As the tank erodes, the rust becomes sludge that either sinks to the bottom or comes out through the tap. 

Does my immersion need replacing?

An immersion needs replacing if the damage is irreparable. An eroded tank is a good example of this. It’s simply not possible to stop a tank rusting on the inside. Not replacing it can lead to a burst tank. This happened to a couple who were renting in Howth, Dublin. One day they found their hallway carpet was waterlogged. On closer inspection they realised it was coming from the hotpress and called our plumber who replaced the immersion that day.

Many parts of an immersion can be replaced though. For example, if the immersion has stopped heating water or is making it too hot – then the element needs replacing. Small leaks around pipes can often be repaired with new seals or washers. 

If you have a broken immersion, call 24 Hour Plumber for a free call-out quote today. We’re also available for  emergency call outs on 085 855 6111.