Having a burst pipe leaking throughout your house can result in a major catastrophe. But don’t worry, every problem has a solution. Stronge Plumbing & Heating is your emergency plumber on call and ready to lend a helping hand. 

But first, before your plumber arrives you still have to settle a couple of things to ensure the problem won’t get worse than it already is.

For emergency burst pipe repairs first aid, we have 5 steps you can follow:

Step 1 – Cut off your Water Supply

Well, first things first. Find your main water supply valve and turn it off. This is usually located near your sink or near the main entrance of your house. 

Pro-tip: if you don’t know where it is or what it looks like, now is the time to get yourself familiarized with it so you won’t have to panic if ever you encounter a burst pipe situation.

Step 2 – Drain your System

After you turn off your water supply, the next step is draining your water system (both heating and cold) by flushing out toilets and running cold, and then hot taps. By doing so, you’ll prevent further damage from happening to your home and electrics.

Step 3 – Secure all Electrics

A burst pipe bursting which is leaking is a real concern, especially for your appliances and electrics. With this, the next step is to secure them by turning the appliances off and removing them from the affected area. 

Pro-tip: if the leak is near the main switch, DO NOT attempt to switch it off or go near it yourself to avoid electrocution. Call an emergency electrician to deal with this issue.

Step 4 – Contain Any Leaks

If the burst pipe is causing a bulging effect to your ceiling, you can try to drain it by piercing it with a screwdriver or knife to let any trapped water out. However, you need to be extra careful and do not attempt to do anything you don’t feel competent doing. Wait for your emergency plumber to arrive.

Step 5 – Call your Emergency Plumber

For emergency burst pipe repairs, Stronge Plumbing & Heating should be on top of your list. We offer a wide range of plumbing & heating services, available to cater to your needs from anywhere within Dublin.

Ireland Home Facts

Plumbing problems are a common occurrence throughout homes in Ireland. According to a study in Dublin in 1996, there’s a 40% leakage level due to corrosion in old pipes. A lot of many Irish homes still have around fifty to eighty year old pipes that are made of fibre cement, steel, copper, and even lead.

The corrosion rate on a piping system is not only due to old age, the pH level, amount of oxygen. The chemical makeup of the water also needed to be considered, as well as water temperature, velocity, and water pressure.

Having old water pipes could result in health problems as harmful metal residue from your old pipes can travel into your drinking water. It can also be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria.

To make sure you get the best possible quality of water in your system, consider replacing pipes that are over 40 years old. Also check if it’s manufactured and approved by NSAI standards.

Tried and Tested Professionals

At Stronge Plumbing & Heating, we vow to provide only the best quality of service that will cater to your specific needs. We have in our team of expert plumbers, plumbing leak detection specialists who are equipped with all the tools and years of proper experience. There’s nothing more you can ask for!

Trust us for your tried and tested plumbing, heating, and boiler needs. Stronge Plumbing & Heating is fully insured, accredited, and experienced in this line of business. We are also fully RGII registered (Registered Gas Installer of Ireland). As we continue to grow our business and provide you with quality service to different markets, we appreciate your referrals and word of mouth. Our success is as much yours as ours, our loyal clients.

At Stronge Plumbing & Heating we guarantee an honest quote and excellent work from our team of expert plumbers. Call us now on (01) 531 2220 or 085 855 6111 now for any emergency plumbing needs.

Don’t let a burst pipe ruin your home and your plans for the day. Contact us now for your emergency professional plumbing needs in Dublin.