A water leak has the potential to be a problem in almost every household in Dublin such as a burst bathroom pipe. However, because of the busy schedule and work in the area, people often take it for granted or they simply are unable to detect common water leaks happening in their home. It is important to detect and deal with a burst bathroom pipe promptly as it can damage parts of your home such as the bathroom and/or ceiling underneath the bathroom. 

Signs Of a water leak in my home? 

Here are some of the signs you need to watch out for to be able to act quickly and resolve a leak in your bathroom to avoid further damage to your home. If you spot these signs, call your local plumber to deal with the situation without delay :

Who can I contact regarding leak detection problems? 

You can contact Leak Detection at 087 445 0550 or visit their website at www.findaleak.ie to know more about their services regarding water leak detection. They can determine if it’s a burst bathroom pipe or a leak that has spread to the ceiling, or both.

Call your Water Leak Detection Specialists

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