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Water leakage is common and expected at some point in any water supply system, especially in Dublin, where the water networks are at about 50 years old or older. Many of the pipes in these systems are worn out and prone to leaks, bursts, and low water pressure due to overuse. Studies show that about 1200 kilometres of the networks are over half a century old.

A good thing to note, though, is that the Dublin Region is very proactive in dealing with and treatment of water leakage since the mid ’90s through its Active Leakage Reduction Programme and the Watermains Rehabilitation Programme. This has resulted in reduced leakage levels from 43% to 29% from 1997 to 2009.

What is the Active Leak Reduction Programme?

The programme’s goal is to identify and repair leaks along the City of Dublin’s about 2,400 kilometres of water pipelines. Many of the leaks are invisible to the eyes as they don’t rise to the surface. They run to the ground instead, which results in a considerable volume of water loss.

Dublin City presently splits into 30 Supply Zones; each of these zones is subdivided into approximately 200 District Metered Areas (DMAs). The water consumption in these DMAs is closely monitored with the telemetry system. This system provides real time data on water flows and pressure across the City and the Region. If there are significant increases, these will be investigated, and if there is no obvious reason for the said increase, the Leakage Team will then carry out leak detection tests.

Since most leaks do not rise to the surface, and instead run to ground, these are detected using sophisticated listening devices that pick up the noise the water makes as it leaks from a pipe. This detection activity is best carried out at night when everything is quiet, and there isn’t as much noise in the pipes from water use.

What causes these leakages?

Most leaks are usually the result of one or a combination of the following:

Now, how do I report a leak if I see one?

If ever you want to report a fault or seek an emergency repair for burst pipe on the street in Dublin, you can contact Irish Water at 1890 278 278 or visit their website: When reporting a leak or burst pipe, provide as much detail as possible. Here is the following information that is required:

What happens after I report the leak?

After reporting a leak, it will be sent through to an Inspector at Dublin City Council for further investigation.

All reported bursts and leaks are inspected to determine the severity and to assess what equipment will be needed for the repair work. In most cases, what appears to be just a leak can be due to a blocked drain. In these cases, the job is passed on to the Drainage Services Division for further investigation.

If it is a mains water leak, a repair crew will be sent out. The leaks are prioritised according to the following:

Once the burst piper or leak is identified, the repair crew will then do the following measures:

Water may be redirected from the other mains when a burst pipe or break occurs; this is to minimize the number of properties without water or with low water pressure. If the water supply is expected to be cut off for an extended period of time, a temporary water supply will be supplied from water tankers.

At times, it may not always be possible to carry out the repairs right away since:

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