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Mixer tap problems

picture of a bath mixer tap being repaired by Stronge Plumbing & Heating where they provide a Bath Tap & Bath Shower Mixer Taps - Repair and Replacement service

mixer tap problems Mixer taps are a common plumbing fixture found in kitchens and bathrooms that control the flow of both hot and cold water through a single handle. Over time regular use and mineral buildup can lead to various problems developing with mixer taps. Some potential issues include faulty cartridges, restrictions in water flow, […]

Tap is difficult to turn

picture of a tap is difficult to turn and repaired by 24 Hour Plumber

It’s a major convenience when a tap is difficult to turn.. The major reason this occurs is due to a build up of limescale and debris to the inside mechanisms of the tap over many years. A lot of homes are located in hard water areas which puts more pressure on the plumbing mechanisms. Also […]

Tap is Running Slowly

Picture where a tap is running slowly and subsequently repaired by 24 Hour Plumber

We all enjoy having a good water flow coming from our hot and cold water taps. Are you having a problem where your tap is running slowly? Unfortunately, the water flow we need from our kitchen or bathroom taps can let us down at the times we least expect. If all the taps in your […]

Tap not Working

An old set of taps where one tap not working with a new set replaced by 24 Hour Plumber

The necessity of hot and cold running water is something thats non negotiable for every person. When we have a problem such as our tap not working an immediate fix is required. There are many reasons why your kitchen or bathroom taps are giving problems. The most frequent problems we encounter include a tap constantly […]

Tap needs Installing

Tap set recently installed by 24 Hour Plumber where we are always on hand if your tap needs installing

Look no further than 24 Hour Plumber if you are having a plumbing problem where a tap needs installing. Alternatively, you may be looking to install a new set of modern easy to use taps to replace the old one that have lasted you for years. It’s a good idea to do some research first […]

Tap needs Replacing

An example of a set of taps that 24 Hour Plumber keeps in their vans when a tap needs replacing

If your tap needs replacing you need to look no further than 24 Hour Plumber. Our fully certified plumbers have years of experience with all issues in relation to domestic taps particularly replacing taps within your home. When upgrading your bathroom, an essential part is the replacement of your existing taps. We are happy to […]

General Tap Issue

Newly installed set of taps by 24 Hour Plumber following a general tap issue

If you are having a general tap issue with your kitchen, bathroom, utility, or garden tap contact the team at 24 Hour Plumber. We will repair any issue with your taps such as a leaking tap, a dripping tap, a loose tap, a stiff tap or even if you have decided you like an upgrade […]

Tap Needs Removing

An old set of tap needs removing and replaced with pillar taps by 24 Hour Plumber

There are a number of reasons why your tap needs removing. We find a lot of our customers would simply like an upgrade to their current aged taps whether that’s in the kitchen or bathroom. 24 hour Plumber are always available to remove your old tap and install your upgraded tap of any style or […]

Dripping Tap

Repair of a dripping tap carried out by 24 Hour Plumber service Dublin city and county

Repair of a dripping tap carried out by 24 Hour Plumber service Dublin city and county