Immersion Repair

Has your immersion heater broken down? Common problems include a buildup of limescale, a faulty thermostat, the circuit breaker has tripped, or the immersion element has become damaged. Contact 24 Hour Plumber in Dublin – our plumbers aim to be out to your home within 24 hours to repair or replace your immersion heater.

Toilet Cistern not working

Do you have a problem with your toilet cistern not filling up or slow to fill? There can be a few reasons why this is happening. It could be due to a reduction in your water pressure, a damaged somewhere, or a blockage elsewhere in the system.Whatever the reason our skilled and experienced team at […]

Garden Tap

Garden tap or outdoor tap Installation by 24 Hour Plumber Dublin. As the weather gets warmer it’s time to get watering those flowers and washing those cars or washing the dog after a day at the beach. From your initial call to the job install we can have the job done in 24 Hours.

Outside Tap

Do you need an outside or garden tap installed? 24 Hour Plumber is available any day to Provide this service. An outside tap is extremely handy whether you need to wash your car or clean your pet or water the garden. Call us now on 01 531 2220 where one of our plumbers will be […]

Toilet not Flushing

Toilet not flushing properly in Dublin and surrounding areas. 24 Hour Plumber is available is available for toilet repairs and replacements all across Dublin. We can have a full toilet replacement carried out in as little as 24 hours. If you have a broken or cracked toilet bowl or cistern we are your toilet plumbers […]

Tap Repair and Installation Dublin.

Tap Repair and Installation Dublin. Do you need your kitchen tap replaced, repaired, or newly installed?. Contact 24 Hour Plumber where one of our plumbing and heating engineers will be more than happy to assist and guide you through what tap is best suited for you, be it a kitchen tap, a washbasin tap, a […]

Immersion Heater Replacement

Do you need an immersion replaced in your home. An immersion heater element usually needs to be replaced approximately every 5 to 8 years. Contact 24 Hour Plumber in Dublin where our team have the specialist tools and replacement parts needed to replace your immersion heater

What to Do When You Have a Burst Pipe

A burst pipe can occur when the pressure in a water pipe gets too high for it to contain, and it breaks. Existing weak points in the pipe or wear and tear over time can cause flaws that can result in the water pipe bursting. A pipe bursting can cause flood and water damage to […]