Call 24 Hour Plumber on 085 855 6111 if you need your gas boiler serviced or need a new gas boiler replacement. In the meantime we have provided some common gas boiler error codes Dublin as a guide to determine why your gas boiler is having problems.

Seeing error codes on your boiler’s display is a sign that your current system is experiencing a problem. There are different types and makes of boilers and each of these have different error codes. 

The most common cases usually reflect a normal low pressure reading which can be adjusted by yourself, but sometimes it can get too technical. You may need the assistance of an expert plumber’s opinion. That’s where 24 Hour Plumber can come to assist you with your gas boiler needs. 

We’ve put together a list of the most common gas boiler error codes to help you easily identify what’s gone wrong with your system before contacting your boiler engineer.

Below are some of the most common, efficient, and affordable gas boilers in Dublin along with their common error codes and it’s possible causes. 

First up is ACV which has been established since 1922. It is a leading designer, manufacturer, and distributor of engineering solutions for hot water generation for more than 40 years. They have specialised in stainless steel (which is more resistant to corrosion) which gives the product increased lifespan with very little maintenance needed. Below is ACV CC105 most common gas boiler error codes and it’s possible causes for your reference. 

ACV CC105 Error Codes

Error CodesPossible Causes
0Sensor error after self check
1, 28Very high Temperature
4Flame signal is not present
5Flame signal is poor
6Error in flame detection
8Flame speed is incorrect
29, 30Fault in the gas valve relay
50FPower frequency is not proper
E101Flue gas temperature is nearing limit
E105Short Outdoor Sensor

The next one is Chaffoteaux & Maury. Providing a lot of thermal comfort for over a century now, Chaffoteaux has been making the difference by keeping its tradition of providing innovations as a pioneer in the development of multi-energy solutions. Chaffoteaux is proud to use its experience and innovation mindset to be close to its customers and the general public. Below are some of the most common gas boiler errors for the Minima HE System 24 Nat. 

Chaffoteaux & Maury Minima HE System 24 Nat Error Codes 

Error CodesPossible Causes
A 03Flame is not detected within the allowed period upon start up
A 36Very high flue pipe temperature
E 02No circulation
E 04Flame is not detected
E 07Water is not circulating in primary circuit
E 08Primary circuit has no water
E 23Fan speed is low

Next on the list is the Halstead Ace. These models (HE24, HE30 and HE35) are known because of the following: it’s fully automatic, its high efficiency condensing, and it’s wall mounted gas appliances that can be used with natural gas. These Halstead Ace appliances incorporate a microprocessor based, fully modulating pre-mix gas control system with a direct burner ignition. Below is the Halstead Ace HE24 error codes and possible causes for your reference. 

Halstead ACE HE24 Error Codes 

Error CodePossible Causes
1Appliance is overheating
2Differential check error in flame for 15 seconds
3No gas or the flame signal is lockout
4Flue gas temperature is greater than 95°
5Sensor or thermal fuse is defective
6Gas valve is defective
7Fan is defective
PCB error
OFailed water flow
PError in Power Supply

Another candidate is the Hamworthy F40V. Hamworthy Heating is a British commercial boiler manufacturer and supplier of commercial heating and hot water products. Hamworthy as a company aims to help you find the most energy efficient heating and hot water system for your building. Check out the most common gas boiler errors of Hamworthy F40V below. 

Hamworthy F40V Error Codes 

Error CodePossible Causes
0No entry code
10Fault outside the sensor
28Error in the flue gas sensor
40Short Circuit Boiler Rtn Sensor
61Room unit 1 fault
62Wrong room unit 1 or radio clock connected
77Air pressure sensor fault
78Water pressure sensor fault
95Time of day is invalid

Next up is Radiant. Founded in 1959 by Mr. Walter Battisti, the original set-up of the company was meant, at that time, for the assembly of the heavy oil pressure jet burners. 

Fast-forward to 54 years later, thanks to the tremendous drive of the sons Luciano and Paolo, Radiant now actually manufactures more than 180 different types of boilers: ranging from high-tech condensing units, atmospheric-classic units and finally the modern integrations with the solar/heat pumps energy sources.  One of which is the one below with its common gas boiler errors. 

Radiant Diagnocode SM 20015 Error Codes 

Error CodesPossible Causes
1Lock-out Ionisation
2Thermostat Lockout Limit is High
3Lock-out Flue Safety thermostat
4Lock-out water pressure switch
5Failed heating sensor
6Failure of domestic hot water sensor
12Water sensor failure of storage tank
14Lock-out air pressure switch
22Parametes Resetting request

Moving on to the next, Remeha Quinta Ace. Remeha is a part of the Baxi Heating’s market leading commercial business together with its sister brands Andrews Water Heaters, Potterton Commercial and Packaged Plant Solutions. Remeha aims to provide efficient, integrated, and smart commercial heating solutions to organisations across the UK and Ireland. Each of the commercial heating brands has its own strengths and areas of expertise. Together, they offer an unbeatable combination of experience and knowledge. Know the most common Remeha Quinta error codes and it’s possible causes below. 

Remeha Quinta Ace 160 Error Codes 

Error CodesPossible Causes
A01.21Exceeded maximum Dhw Temperature Gradient Level 3
A02.06Active water pressure warning
A02.37Disconnected uncritical device
A02.45Connection Matrix Full can
A02.46Device Administration Full can
A02.49Initialising node failed
A03.17Ongoing periodical safety check
H01.00Occurring communication error
H01.09Very low gas pressure 
H01.13Temperature of heat exchanger exceeded maximum
H01.14Maximum operating value of flow temperature has exceeded
H01.15Maximum operating value of flue gas temperature has exceeded

Next on the list is Saunier Duval. A leading brand for heating technology which origins come from the French market, Saunier Duval has been manufacturing reliable products for more than a century to date.

Its products have one main attribute in common: which is the ability to prove their excellence, day in, day out. Together with product quality, Saunier Duval attaches great importance to partnership based on trust. After all, providing competent, and extensive service serves to complement the high, reliable technical quality that characterizes its product range. And whilst product and service excellence are their strengths, they also pride themselvez in always being within easy reach and approachable – in order to make your life as a consumer, easier. Here are the most common gas boiler error codes for Saunier Duval Xeon for your reference. 

Saunier Duval Xeon Error Codes

Error CodesPossible Causes
F1Boiler did not light
F4Ignition goes out when lit
F5Overheat error
F6Central heating thermistor error
F7Thermistor cable may be broken
F9Faulty water pressure sensor
F10Broken or defective thermistor cable
F11Faulty user interface connection
F12Faulty main board connection
F16Defective gas valve
F17Power supply lesser than 170V

Viessmann on the other hand, has an established international reputation based on its high quality boiler products and leading edge approach to technology and innovation. With an enviable track record stretching back over a century,  Viessmann offers various products for your home environment which includes but are not limited to domestic gas fired boilers. Viessman also specialises in solid fuel boilers, underfloor heating, and hot water cylinders – plus a host of renewal products too! Below are the most common errors found in a Viessmann Vitodens 200 boiler for your reference. 

Viessmann Vitodens 200 Boiler Error Codes

Error CodePossible Cause
02Chain used for safety was activated
04, 05, 06, 08Very high or too low fan speed when started
07, 09Incorrect basic level in standby mode of air pressure threshold
0AFan speed fault
0DRepeated pressing of the reset button while the burner is running
1A, 1BFaulty flow sensors
1FVery large differential flow rate
25Hand symbol shown for 30 minutes since the Emission tests switch is turned on
26Maximum or minimum rated input setting mode has been active for 30 minutes already

Next is the Vokèra boilers and heating products. Known and used by more than one and a half million customers across the UK and Ireland, Vokèra has been and always will be a brand trusted by homeowners and professional engineers.

Vokèra boilers are designed to last a long time with regular day to day use, as well as easy and hassle free installation. Their boilers and renewable products are among those leading the market in increased energy efficiency to date. Below are it’s most common gas boiler error codes. 

Vokera Mynute Boiler Error Codes

Error Code Possible Causes
AL10, AL20, AL21, AL26, AL28, AL34Boiler needs to be reset, if problem persists contact a heating engineer
AL40Observe the pressure system and refill if needed. Reset the boiler.
AL41Observe the pressure system and refill if needed. Reset the boiler.
AL52, AL55, AL60, AL71,AL73, AL74, AL79Get in touch with a heating engineer
AL74, AL79Reset the boiler

Last but not the least, one of the most well known and more popular brands of gas boiler in the market for over 50 years now, Worcester Bosch. Known for its reputation for manufacturing high quality gas, LPG, and oil boilers,  Worcester has remained committed to delivering efficient and reliable central heating products at affordable prices. The company frequently is featured in the best boiler surveys for their Greenstar boiler range, combining brand reliability and it’s owner satisfaction.

Worcester Bosch CDi Classic Regular Boiler Error Codes 

Error CodePossible Causes
B1It cannot detect the code plug
C6Very low fan speed
E2Central heating (CH) flow negative thermistor coefficient (NTC) sensor defective
E9Temperature safety limiter flow has tripped in the central heating
EANo flame detected
F0Internal error
F7Appliance is switched off yet flame is identified
FAGas is shut off but flame is present
FDMistakenly pressed reset button

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