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Your tap is built and designed to last for many years. Its average lifespan is between 15-20 years. Of course, this depends on several factors such as frequency of use, the tap’s make and model, the hardness of the water, how your tap was installed, and how well it is maintained. Below we will look at the common reasons why your taps need replacing.

Common Reasons Why You Need to Replace Your Tap

So, is it time to replace your tap? Remodelling your kitchen and bathroom is one of the main reasons why you get your taps replaced. Here are some practical reasons why you need to replace your taps:

Typical Household Tap Concerns

Kitchen and bathroom taps hold a vital function in any household as it is a device used for dispensing water from your plumbing system efficiently. While their lifespan is generally long, they can encounter several problems over time that will require having them either repaired or replaced.

Wear and Tear

Taps get worn over time and the number one culprit behind this is rust. Rust can form both on the exterior of your tap as well as to the  interior. It can affect the quality of your running water and will obviously make the water not suitable for drinking anymore. Rust forming on your taps is a common problem especially in areas where water has a high iron content. Choose to install taps that are stainless or rustproof.

Low Pressure

Your taps may have a clogged aerator on the tap’s tip or it has a cartridge that is possibly clogged if you’re experiencing low water pressure. A build up of limescale or the pipes within your plumbing have become clogged. This can be found in all kinds of bathroom and kitchen taps.

No Water Coming Out of the Tap

Clogged pipes may be the reason why no water is coming out of your tap especially if your pipes are not leaking. Sediment and mineral build-up can restrict the water flow through your pipes.

Dripping Tap

It may look harmless but a dripping or leaking tap left unrepaired can cause stains from mineral deposits to form as well as more serious water damage in your home which could end up costing you more than the repair of the dripping tap. Dripping taps are commonly caused by a corroded or broken rubber washer or O-ring. It may also be caused by a damaged valve seating.

Installation Problems

If you attempted to replace the tap yourself installation problems can occur when instructions are not thoroughly followed and executed. DIY projects not only ask for your commitment and time but it also requires you have the proper tools to complete the installation process efficiently.

Excessive Tap Noise

If your tap whistles, screams, or even chatters, that can get really annoying and is obviously a concern even if it is only sporadic. It usually is a warning sign before your bathroom or kitchen fixtures start to malfunction. It can be caused by mineral or sediment debris or unscrewed parts.

Should you hire a plumber?

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