Concealed toilet cisterns are sometimes referred to as inducted or recessed toilet cisterns. As the name suggests, the cistern elements are hidden, unlike the traditional cistern that sits behind the toilet. 

Concealed toilet cisterns are hidden either within a bespoke bathroom storage feature or behind a false wall. They are perfect for smaller bathrooms as concealed cisterns are made smaller than standard cisterns. Due to this, they can fit snugly into a wall cavity. 

Concealed cisterns are popular in stylish and modern bathroom refits. Of course, like a standard cistern, they do sometimes experience problems due to wear and tear. A typical toilet problem that you might encounter with concealed and traditional cisterns is the cistern continually filling. 

Why Is Your Concealed Toilet Cistern Constantly Filling?

When considering the possible causes for a toilet cistern not filling, two issues occur most often. These are a defective flush valve or a defective ball valve. A defective, faulty ball valve can also cause the toilet to overflow. 

The most common ball and valve problems can be:

There are parts of the valve and washers that can be replaced. However, it can be more cost-effective to replace the whole ball valve instead. This also reduces the chance of further issues.

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