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A dual flush toilet is a handy opportunity for you to save water for a more environmentally friendly home. However, like all other toilets, they can experience problems and sometimes don’t work as they should. 

Here we’ll discuss the problem homeowners face with their dual flush cistern. 


No matter where you live, dirt and dust can enter the cistern through the water supply. It does so as tiny particles which eventually build up and often cause havoc. These debris build-ups can stop the cistern valves from working and stop the dual flush flushing correctly. 

You can check for debris by turning off the water supply and removing the lid from the cistern. It is advisable to hire a plumber to brush out the cistern and valves properly.

Flush Valve Issues

The flush valve in the cistern is designed to release a large volume of water when activated. Sometimes, it becomes brittle with age. Symptoms of a worn flush valve in your cistern include the continuous running of water and single flush toilets. 

Broken Zip Tie

As strange as it may seem, some dual flush toilets brands are supplied with zip ties to keep parts in place. As with all things, these ties break or wear out before the rest of the device. It is possible to replace it with a new one if needed. 

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