If you need your toilet repaired contact 24 Hour Plumber on (01) 531 2220. One of the many repairs we fix includes where the dual flush toilet not filling.

The dual-flush toilet is a modern advancement of the single-flush toilet found traditionally in homes. A dual-flush toilet incorporates a one or two button mechanism for flushing varying amounts of water. Allowing you to choose the necessary amount of water to use and preventing water waste.

Like a single or regular flush toilet, a dual-flush toilet can experience different problems due to wear and tear. The most common problem people face is a dual flush toilet not filling properly. 

We highly recommend that a plumbing problem such as a dual flush toilet not filling be carefully diagnosed before a repair is attempted. 

Below we look at two issues that might cause a dual-flush toilet to not fill correctly.

Low water pressure

The root of the problem may lie with low water pressure. The problem is sometimes difficult to resolve. Especially if you live in an area with low water pressure. However, when it comes on quickly, it is sometimes because the toilet pipes have rusted due to becoming old. The other possible causes may be a leak in a pipe that is preventing enough water to flow into the cistern. 

If you suspect this could be the problem, contact us to book a professional plumber to call to your home.

Tank Debris

Like any other type of flush toilet, a dual-flush toilet may stop filling if there is debris in the tank. It might seem strange that there could be any debris in a closed, sealed, water tank. However, this debris is minute and builds up over time after travelling in through the water supply.

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