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Dual flush toilets are a successfully proven, and relatively simple, way to save water. Water conversation is a big problem, even in Ireland where there is an imbalance in the demand for water. Dual flush toilets save thousands of gallons of water just by offering the choice to flush with less water. As an environmentally conscious invention, dual flush toilets have brought positive changes in our lives and homes. 

Now we know the pros, let’s look at some of the cons.

1. Can Be Expensive

A common problem you may face with the dual flush toilet is that it can be more expensive. Meaning, you will need more money upfront, but save on water charges (if you have them) and have a more eco-friendly home. 

2. Problems With The Toilet Bowl

As mentioned above, the main function of the dual-flush toilet is the conservation of water. Due to this, the water level in both the cistern and bowl of the toilet is significantly lower than in a single-flush toilet.

3. Clogging

The reduced flow of water through the pipes can cause water to sit in low spots and sometimes cause clogging issues. This isn’t so much of an issue when dual-flush toilets are used in busy bathrooms. 

Overall, dual flush toilets don’t experience any more issues than regular or ‘single flush toilets. The pros of dual flush toilets mean they are relied on for use in large scale office bathrooms, shopping centres and the such too.

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