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The team at 24 Hour Plumber have the knowledge and experience needed to evaluate why your boiler has broken down and have it back in working order with minimal delay or fuss. Following their initial evaluation, your Gas Safe registered plumber will discuss the findings with you and provide a free estimate before repairing your boiler. 

Your boiler is an essential part of you and your family’s home comfort. Especially through the colder months. Our plumbers are committed to ensuring that our customers have the heat and hot water they need. Wherever you are in Dublin, we have an experienced and accredited plumber near you.  We also offer emergency plumber call outs for all of Dublin. For an emergency 24-7 Dublin plumber call us on (01) 5312220 or 085 855 6111.

Boilers break down for all manner of reasons and at 24 Hour Plumber we know them all and how to repair them!  Here are a few of the most common issues that people experience and why they mean that your boiler might not be working properly.

Your Boiler is Making Banging Noises

Do you ever get woken in the night by your boiler making a banging noise when the heat comes on?   Or maybe you have noticed your boiler making strange gurgling and rattling noises. This is common in older boilers but can happen to boilers of any age for a few reasons. 

In some parts of Dublin hard water can create a build up of sludge and limescale that is interfering with your boiler function. Within your boiler there is something called a heat exchanger. Water flows through the heat exchanger but when there are sediment deposits in the way, the water can not get through properly and starts to get too hot. This creates a noisy effect that we in the plumbing trade know as Kettling.

Another reason for a noisy boiler is trapped air somewhere in the heating system. If this is the case then our plumbers can quickly and effectively bleed the radiators in your home to remove the airlock. 

The Pilot Light Has Gone Out

On the front of some older boiler types, you should see a small window looking into it. This tiny window is to check the pilot light. A small blue flame that is always on.  The pilot light lights the gas that is being released from the gas pipe into the boiler to heat the burner. If the pilot light is out and will not come back on then there could be a fault with your boiler. 

Safety note: If the pilot light will not come on and you can smell gas, call Gas Networks Ireland as quickly as possible. A gas leak of any size can be dangerous. It is important that Gas Networks Ireland make your home safe before you call a registered gas installer like 24 Hour Plumber

Your Heating Isn’t Coming On

A sure sign that your boiler is in need of repair is that there is no hot water or heat in your home. This can be caused by a number of reasons, including those we have touched upon already such as limescale and airlocks. Another cause could be low water pressure. This is a very common problem for homes across the Dublin area and one that we deal with daily. 

Alternatively, a part of your boiler could be broken or worn. Our plumbers are experienced with boiler repair and will know which parts to check for breaks. Diagnosis is quick and our team will have your heating back on in no time. 

Pro Plumber Tip: The first thing to check when your heating won’t come on is the heating thermostat. Try switching the thermostat up or down a touch and see if the heating works then. Sometimes if a heating system believes that rooms are at the required temperature it will switch off.

Your Boiler is Leaking

Even a small leak from your boiler could signal a need for repair. Left untreated, small leaks can create further issues and a loss of heating. Leaks on a boiler are usually a sign of corrosion for older boilers (5 years or more). Seals within the boiler can wear away with time and use and may need replacing. 

If you notice a leak from your boiler, switch off the water in your home. The valve to do this will be located under the sink, on an outside wall, in a utility room or a basement, under the stairs. Once the water is switched off, call an experienced plumber.

Does My Boiler Need Repairing or Replacing? 

The best way to find out if a new boiler is needed is to have a plumber look at it for you. Call 24 Hour Plumber to arrange for a plumber to visit your home and assess your boiler at your convenience. We strongly advise our customers not to delay in getting boiler problems checked. We understand the cost and inconvenience of getting a boiler replaced can be a worry but believe that the sooner a problem is caught, the quicker it can be resolved. Hopefully with a quick and thorough repair.

Properly maintaining and repairing your home’s boiler when necessary will ensure that it continues to work efficiently and safely, and can help keep it running throughout the cold winter months. Contact 24 hour plumber for your emergency boiler repair Dublin.

All of our plumbers are highly experienced and qualified in their trade. 24 Hour Plumber are registered gas installers. To give you peace of mind, all of our repair services are guaranteed for 12 months. At 24 Hour Plumber we really care about helping our customers. We aim to convert every customer into 24 Hour Plumber customers for life each time they use our services. Find gas boiler replacement prices or gas boiler servicing costs and rates.

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