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A blocked toilet is the last thing you want to experience as it has the potential to cause further damage to your home not to mention the fact that it is super inconvenient. This is a nightmarish situation especially if you see the water in the toilet starting to rise after you flush. A blocked toilet is probably something that everyone deals with at some point.

Blocked Toilet in Dublin

If you have a blocked toilet in the Dublin area, don’t panic. 24 Hour Plumber have years of experience in dealing with this plumbing issue in a fast and efficient manner. The best thing to do is to call your emergency plumber at 24 Hour Plumber to get the job of unblocking the toilet done. That’s just one of the things that we at 24 Hour Plumber are good at – making sure toilets stay unblocked for our customers – and it’s something we have been doing for years.

A local, dependable, and trusted plumber from 24 Hour Plumber can make quick work of your toilet blocked with plastic freshener (yes, it can happen!), wet wipes or whatever it is that has caused the blockage. While you can pretty much use a plunger to apply “first aid” to the situation on hand, calling a trusted professional is your best option. 

Toilet Clogged in Dublin

Having a blocked toilet is not only a nuisance; it’s one of the most unpleasant issues you may come face-to-face with at home or even at work. 

That is why a blocked toilet in the Dublin area is a priority on the list of services that 24 Hour Plumber offers. Call our emergency number on (01) 531 2220 or 085 855 6111. Traffic allowing, we will send a professional plumber on his way within the hour from your call out. Our FETAC Level 6 plumbers have indemnity coverage and will answer your call quickly and efficiently 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What to Do if You Find Your Toilet Blocked

As mentioned earlier, you can apply first aid when you discover your toilet has become blocked. Aside from using a plunger, you may want to flush once to ensure the blockage has gone away. If you have tried everything you know and the blocked toilet persists, then it’s time to call the experts at 24 Hour Plumber.

Emergency Plumber for Blocked Toilet in Dublin

Our team of experts handle emergency blocked toilets in Dublin any time of the day, any day of the week. We have plumbers on standby 24/7 to make sure call outs are attended to as soon as possible. We are fully equipped with the right tools to handle a blocked toilet in any part of Dublin. This may even involve a drain blocked outside your home with toilet paper or other items that may have got lodged in  your toilet.

We have handled every sort of blocked toilet issue from the most minor issue to the most severe. We can handle all plumbing emergencies and toilet unblocking. 

24 Hour Plumber has been around for more than a decade. We are trusted by our customers and we can guarantee high levels of emergency plumbing services throughout the Dublin area.

We pride ourselves with our rapid response team that can provide fast and efficient solutions to any type of plumbing issue including a blocked toilet anywhere within Dublin. Our emergency plumbing technicians arrive on time in a well presented manner and they work as fast as possible in the most convenient of ways. They offer flexibility to address your blocked toilet issues depending on your availability. 

All toilet unblocking services offered by 24 Hour Plumber have affordable rates. We value customer satisfaction, which is why we are transparent when it comes to our rates. On our website, you will find our published rates for everyone to see.

Let Us Solve Your Blocked Toilet Issue in Dublin

Our highly skilled plumbers are trained to deal with blocked toilets within Dublin city or county as well as other related problems in a quick and efficient manner. Whether it’s a broken toilet or for any reason  your toilet is not working, give us a call on (01) 531 2220 or 085 855 6111. 

Our lines are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. Let us, at 24 Hour Plumber, solve your blocked toilet Dublin and you will see how well we do our job. 

At 24 Hour Plumber, our mantra is to provide a high quality service throughout Dublin. All our plumbers have years of experience tucked under their belts, and a blocked toilet is just one of the many problems they can handle. 

24 Hour Plumber a call. We are available 24/7. Call us on (01) 531 2220 or 085 855 6111.