Plumbing near me

When you are in search of an emergency plumber Dublin look no further than 24 Hour Plumber. 

Call us for an urgent plumber near you now on (01) 5312220 or 085 855 6111.  All Dublin areas are covered by our insured and accredited 24 hour emergency plumbers. When you have an emergency, we aim to be with you within the hour. 

Whatever Your Plumbing Emergency – We Can Help

Whatever your plumbing emergency, we have a local and experienced emergency plumber near you and ready to help at any time.  No plumbing emergency is too big or too small.  All our plumbers are fully equipped with the skills, tools and materials needed for any type of plumbing emergency. 

Our friendly and experienced team will solve all your plumbing problems. We have more than 14 years’ experience with the repair and installation of everything from taps, toilets and toilet fill valves to attic water tank ballcock, immersions, and apartment pumps. Working in Dublin and the surrounding areas, we take away the stress of your home or office emergency by providing a professional and thorough service at all times. That’s why we come so highly recommended

Heating Emergency

Has your heating stopped working or your boiler broken down? When you need an urgent plumber, we can provide a fast and efficient emergency plumber who will fix your heating and your emergency boiler issues. All of our emergency plumbers are RGI registered to fix and install gas boilers. Whatever the boiler type or problem, our plumbers will be able to help you.

There is no need for spending the weekend freezing or taking cold showers either. As your local emergency plumber, we provide weekend call outs too.

Home Flooding Emergency Plumber

If you have come home to find your house or apartment flooded, call us to arrange an emergency plumber now, on (01) 5312220 or 085 855 6111. As soon as you have called us, locate the main water valve for your home and turn off the water. We will aim to be with you within the hour, please wait with a neighbour until we arrive to check that everything is safe.

Home flooding is usually caused by one of a few common problems. Our emergency plumbers in South Dublin and North Dublin as well as Dublin City Centre have helped hundreds of homeowners like you to find and fix the cause. Stopping the flooding and setting their homes right again. 

The causes of flooding in the home are numerous. It could be anything from a broken or burst pipe to poor or old drainage systems that flood when pipes back up.  We have the expertise to repair and install all of these. 

Emergency Household Leaks

Never underestimate a leak in your home or workplace. An innocent looking leak can build into a bigger problem and cause damage to your home when you least expect it. Each week our emergency plumber team deals with 24 hour call outs to residential and commercial properties where leaking taps, shower trays, radiators, water tanks, and even appliances are causing issues.

Call Emergency Plumber Dublin as soon as you notice a leak in your home.  We have a  24 hour plumber always ready to help with your emergency leaks.

Emergency Plumbers Dublin Areas Covered 

We have local plumbers available all over Dublin county and city. To find an emergency plumber swords, emergency plumber Blanchardstown, emergency plumber Dublin 12 or anywhere in between, call us on (01) 5312220 or 085 855 6111. 

We deal with emergency call outs in the city centre, South Dublin homes, and North Dublin. Every day we are called out to repair immersions, blocked toilets and more in apartments, homes and offices around the region. 

We Come Highly Recommended

Thanks to our fast, professional, and friendly service we have become known as the plumbers to call in an emergency. We are grateful for all the positive feedback from our customers and are proud that we are so highly recommended by them in online business reviews. 

24 Hour Plumber Service 

A plumbing emergency can happen at any time of day or night. Our emergency plumbing team is available for morning call outs and evening call outs and all through the night. Whatever the hour, we will arrive promptly and fully equipped to attend to your emergency. 

Common Emergency Plumber Call Outs

We attend emergency plumber call outs throughout the week and weekend, all over Dublin. Common reasons that people need us for an urgent plumber include:

Customer Focussed Emergency Plumber Dublin

We pride ourselves on being the emergency plumbers Dublin recommends for our top rate service and customer focus. 

Wherever in Dublin, your emergency is and whatever time of day or night you call us, our customer service will be the same high quality service we ensure that all our customers receive. 

Whatever your plumbing emergency, call any time of day 7 days a week for your 24-hour emergency plumber on (01) 531 2220 or 0858556111.