What To Do When You Have A Plumbing Emergency At Home

Home emergencies are the last thing any of us want to experience – especially when there is gas or water involved. Keeping you and your family safe is our number one priority.

24 Hour Plumber Dublin are the emergency plumbers Dublin can rely on for every kind of 24-hour emergency plumbing repair.

When To Call An Emergency Plumber in Dublin

There is no right or wrong time to call an emergency plumber in Dublin. 

24 Hour Plumber Dublin provides a 24 hour call out service all around Dublin city and county. Our professional and accredited plumbers can help you with everything from blocked toilets, central heating repairs and emergency boiler call outs, to water tank issues and immersion heater emergencies.

When you call our Emergency Plumber in Dublin hotline, we will always answer promptly. You can be assured of a helpful and friendly service that focuses on customer service. If you are not sure your plumbing problem is an emergency, our Dublin plumbers can advise you over the phone. Based on the information you give them, they will advise if an emergency plumber needs to call out right away or not.

What Counts As A Plumbing Emergency

Anything related to leaking water or gas* counts as a plumbing emergency. Some of the most common issues that our emergency plumbers in Dublin are called out to include:

Burst Pipe Emergencies

When temperatures drop in winter, some Dublin households suffer burst pipes. This is generally a result of water freezing in the pipes which causes it to expand. Not all pipes can withstand this kind of pressure. 

Occasionally pipes burst because of tree roots pushing on underground water pipes or because they have rusted with age. Aside from flooding, burst pipes can cause damage to the structure and electrics of a home. Mould can sometimes be an indication that a water pipe is damaged and getting ready to burst.

Flooding Emergencies

Backed up pipes and toilets can also cause sudden flooding in the home. This can happen out of the blue, with no indication that there is a problem, Then, before you know it, you find yourself sloshing around your waterlogged home. We have even known hot press water tanks to saturate the carpets of homes after springing a leak overnight.

Blocked pipes and sewers are often the cause of backed-up pipes. Build-up of sediment and waste products happen gradually. The flooding it causes is usually quite sudden.

Boiler Emergencies

Every home needs a source of hot water and heat for a comfortable lifestyle. When a boiler breaks down, it can be a massive inconvenience. 

Boilers break down for several reasons including old age, sediment build up and corrosion. 

Signs that your boiler is broken include:

Wherever you are in Dublin, we have an experienced and accredited plumber near you for when your boiler breaks. We offer emergency plumber call outs for all of Dublin city and county. For an emergency 24-7 Dublin plumber call us on 085 855 6111.

*Keep reading for what to do if you smell gas.

What To Do After Your Call An Emergency Plumber in Dublin

After you call an emergency plumber, it is essential that you make sure that you are safe. There are measures you can take to do this and some things to avoid.

Do: Turn Off The Water

A burst pipe or overflowing toilet can cause a lot of damage. Calling out a plumber and turning off the water supply is essential for minimising the extent of the damage. If you are not sure how to turn off the water supply, a 24 Hour emergency plumber can advise you over the phone.

How to turn off the water supply in apartments and houses:

Inside Dubin homes, be they apartments or houses, the water supply stop valve is usually in a similar spot. Look under the kitchen sink, in the hot press, in the garage and under the stairs to locate yours.

The stop valve is usually, but not always, painted red. Either a red lever that turns 90 degrees or a red cog shaped handle. In the absence of these, the stop valve may also resemble a typical sink tap handle attached to a water pipe. 

Don’t: Try To Fix A Gas Boiler Yourself

Never be tempted to fiddle with a broken boiler. This can be very dangerous. If the pilot light goes out, follow the steps on your boiler. Otherwise, always call a professional to take a look. 

Don’t: Touch Any Electrics

After calling an emergency plumber in Dublin for an issue to do with leaking water, avoid touching electrical switches in the leak’s vicinity. This includes plug sockets and is a precautionary measure to prevent injury.

Do: Follow The Steps Below If You Smell Gas

What To Do If You Smell Gas:

Never delay in calling for help when you smell gas. Always step outside (don’t call from near the gas smell) and call the Gas Networks Ireland 24 hour emergency line immediately on 1850 20 50 50.

Gas Networks Ireland advises that when you have called their 24 hour phone number, you should also:

Do: Soak Up The Water

When pipes burst or overflow, the water in your home can cause further damage. As soon as the water is off, use old towels to stop the water from spreading to other rooms. Mop up as much excess water as possible. 

Where there are gaps in floorboards, plug them as best you can with old towels. This will help to stop the water from running into the rooms below and damaging light fixtures or causing water stains.

Do: Move Anything Valuable and Irreplaceable

Another precaution whilst you wait for your emergency plumber is to move any furniture, foods and valuables. Water can create lasting damage and, for foods, it can render them unsafe to eat. Move them to a dry room until the water has completely dried.

How Long Does An Emergency Plumber Take In Dublin?

When you call 24 Hour Plumber Dublin, we aim to have a local plumber to you within the hour. This always depends on the level of emergency and your availability. Our emergency plumbers will always have the equipment they need to bring a plumbing issue under control.

The length of time that an emergency plumber is in your home depends on the extent of the problem. Unblocking a toilet for example can be quicker than diagnosing and repairing a boiler issue. For your reassurance, the team at 24 Hour Plumber are friendly and will explain everything to you in easy to understand language. 

What To Tell An Emergency Plumber in Dublin When They Call?

When you ring an emergency plumber, they will need some necessary details from you. Always tell the emergency plumber:

How Much Does an Emergency Plumber in Dublin Cost

For an emergency plumber in Dublin, there is usually a diagnostic fee. This is in addition to the cost of any repairs that are required.

When you call 24 Hour Plumber, we will tell you upfront what the call out fee will be. We also offer free quotes. All quotes are non obligatory. The exact cost of a plumbing job can only be given once a plumber has assessed the issue. This allows them to factor in time and materials for repairs. 

Our plumbers at 24 Hour Plumber will always discuss their assessment and give you an accurate onsite quote. Our plumbers will only complete the job when you are 100% comfortable about the fee.

Payments are accepted on-site by the plumber. You can pay by card via our handy Sumup onsite payment system. Apple and Android Pay and Visa, VPay, MasterCard, Maestro, and American Express are all accepted. 

Should you require it, we can also make life simpler for landlords who are not present at the property. For landlords, we use an invoice payment system called Stripe.  

For more details about any of our payment methods, please ask when you contact us for an emergency plumber.

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