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Gas Boiler Replacement Dublin – Boiler types for homes

Home size and needs vary all over Dublin city and county. If the gas boiler you have is not meeting your needs, we can replace it with one that will. 

Of all the types available, combination boilers, also known as combi or combi-boilers are the most common gas boiler choice for Dublin households. Favoured because they heat both your water and your home. Combi boilers are ideal for homes that are short on space as the design is compact and there is no external tank. 

If you have a bigger home or a high demand in your home for hot water, a system gas boiler could be a better choice than a combi boiler. System gas boilers are bigger than combination boilers as are heat only boilers. Both of these have more components and additional tanks. They are, however, a good choice if there are a few people living in the home. 

Which boiler brand is best? 

We understand that budgets and space vary considerably between homes, this is why we offer a choice of boiler brands to suit every budget and home. Costs and warranty vary from brand to brand, we would be happy to talk you through the options available to you. Book an appointment with one of our gas installers here.

The gas boiler brands we work with the most are listed below. All of these are expert brands with high-efficiency gas boiler products:

Alpha has three types of combi boiler to choose from including their newest product the E-Tec Plus which comes with a 10 year warranty as standard. Alpha also have impressive regular and system only boilers. 

Ariston has seven types of combination gas boilers to choose from. There is no one fits all gas boiler option which is why we offer a free consultation with one of our plumbers and a no-obligation free quote. 

Baxi is manufactured in the UK and well known brand Ireland. They offer all types of boiler and boast that they have ‘have a range, model and output suitable for all domestic gas heating installations’. 

Ferroli has electric and gas boilers. Including wall hung combi and condensation boilers. Some Ferroli boilers have accessories for your boiler like WiFi remote control. 

Glow Worm has options of all three types of gas boiler. Warranty differs depending on the boiler you choose but the Glow Worm energy combi boilers do come with a 7 year, out of the box, warranty. 

Ideal boilers have a heater solution for every Dublin home type. Whether your home is a bungalow, flat, detached or semi-detached. They have a handy tool on their website that helps you choose the best boiler type. Alternatively, 24 Hour Plumber would be more than happy to advise you. 

Most Ravenheat models have a built-in 7-day digital timer with the control panel. Other brands do have this too as it is a useful way to keep your energy bills down by controlling your boiler use. 

Remeha has more than 85 years of home heating expertise. Remeha focussed on commercial heating and a good choice if you are heating a venue or large Dublin office building rather than a home. For your commercial heating needs contact a member of the 24 Hour Plumber team here – contact page.

Vaillant has an award-winning boiler range, each boiler in which is handmade in the UK. They pride themselves on performing 900 safety checks before shipping a boiler. 

The Vokera boiler range is vast and suitable for most budgets, whilst Viessmann is a German business with a boiler range that is globally popular. They design their systems with the future in mind and many of their products are smart home ready. 

Worcester Bosch is a reliable brand with a range which includes combi boilers, system and regular boilers. 

Within the boiler range by Wolf is the CGB-2 a great boiler option for detached houses and apartments. This boiler is compact and is mounted on the wall to save space. 

Pro Plumber tip: Check the warranty for all your new appliances as soon as they are installed. Most brands now require you to register your warranty online or by email for it to be valid. Read the terms and conditions carefully. 

How to tell if your boiler needs replacing 

There are a number of clues that it is time for your boiler to be replaced. We have listed some of the things to watch out for below.

If you are not sure that your boiler needs replacing, contact us today to organise a checkup.

The colour of the flame

The flame of a gas boiler should be blue. If the flame is yellow instead this could indicate the presence of carbon monoxide. This is a very dangerous and odourless gas. If the flame of your boiler is yellow. Call an emergency plumber immediately and go somewhere safe like a neighbour’s house. 

The smell

There should be no smell from your gas boiler. If you smell gas. Open the windows and leave the house immediately. Call the Gas Networks emergency number 1850 205 050. 

Rising heating or repair costs

An unhealthy boiler has to work harder to heat your home and water. As a result, you might notice a spike in your gas bills. You might also need to have it repaired more often. A newer, healthy, boiler should only need maintaining with an annual checkup. A regular need for repair suggests it is coming to the end of its days. 

Your boiler is acting strangely

On average, a home boiler has a lifespan of approximately 15 years. After that, it will start to wear out and deteriorate. It might become unreliable, failing to heat your home like it use to. In some instances, a boiler can start to make strange noises as its mechanisms deteriorate. 

“I knew something was wrong because every time the heating came on the boiler would make a strange squeaking noise. I was worried that getting a gas boiler changed would be a hassle. 24 Hour Plumber put my mind at ease, explained everything and had the new boiler in within a day. It was easy in the end”, Becca Dunne, Dublin West

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