Aside from being skilled in the trade, a plumber should also be able to show respect for you, your time, and your property. They can competently fix common plumbing issues but the best ones can exceed that: the most efficient plumbers can deliver a professional and top-quality service. 

It can be challenging, especially for homeowners who are not familiar with the industry, to recognise a truly skilled plumber who is exceptionally good at his job. Ensure that you make the right choice by knowing what to look for in a great professional plumber.

Here is a list of what you should look for to make sure you’re hiring the right plumbing expert:

Qualification and Certificates

A basic requirement for employed plumbers is their basic qualification and certificate to work — much like any other professional.  Since tests need to be passed before these documents are issued, qualifications serve as proof of a professional plumber’s skills and knowledge. A person who seeks to carry out plumbing jobs and maintenance is required to comply with this primary requirement.

A great plumber should have their credentials — containing a list of references to attest the quality of their work and output — readily available to anyone who may seek their service. In addition,don’t be afraid to ask if his qualifications are valid by checking with the governing bodies that issued them.


Anyone can give you a time and a date, and everyone has access to a calendar. Any plumber can fit you in on their schedule and say that they’ll come at a specific date, but only true professionals can actually stay true to their word! Offering an exact time of arrival is a more acknowledged way of doing work. This will show their respect for you and the time you have allotted for the appointment.

While there are instances where it si acceptable when your hired plumber may be late or perhaps may need to reschedule, — given that their reasons are valid and that they informed you as soon as they are aware that they won’t make it on time. 

Fully Prepared Upon Arrival

A great plumber should know – and have prepared – all the tools and supplies he needs for a particular  job. Using his experience and the skill of estimation, he should be able to tell what equipment is necessary for the efficient completion of the job.

Although there can often be unforeseen complications in plumbing work — that were not estimated earlier, a real professional should be able to considerately prepare the necessary additional tools promptly. A genuine specialist should not make excuses and must readily offer an explanation right up front why they can not fix the issue during the period included in the estimate.

Provides a Clear Estimate

A plumber should also provide a clear and complete estimate. Even before they perform a job, it should be evident whether they are a professional based on the estimate they provide.

Look for plumbers who provide estimates with details that are clear, concise, and comprehensive. Not only should this show the cost of materials but the labour fees too. Make sure that they are transparent and easily read.

Those who are honest about the cost overruns and additional charges for extra materials or time spent on the job are your best bet.

Good Communication and Problem Solving Skills

Good communication and problem-solving skills are two assets that a great plumber should have.
Just like any other industry, plumbing involves a lot of problem-solving, especially when complications arise amid construction. A good problem solver should be able to evaluate the situation and estimate possible solutions efficiently and correctly. 

In addition, accounting for the situation and circumstances is a crucial soft skill that plumbers should have. The person you choose to work with should be able to listen carefully as well as offering his own ideas or suggestions. They must also possess the ability to explain systems in a way that even those unfamiliar or completely oblivious in plumbing would understand.


Experience provides the best lessons in life. This is true of professional plumbing. While it is okay to give a newly qualified plumber a chance, given that they are equipped with enough theory and understanding of the craft, it’s best to choose established professionals for your plumbing needs. This will ensure that they have the necessary understanding and skill to maneuver through more challenging issues that may occur from what was originally a minor problem.

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