One common problem that occurs with a hot water cylinder is when the hot water tank is heating slowly. Coming into the cold winter months one of our essentials is the hot water tank. Most of us rely on our hot water cylinder for all our hot water needs from showering, bathing, and washing. Below are a few reasons as to why your water is becoming slow to heat.

Throttling Valve

One cause of the water heating slowly involves the throttling valve on the heating coil from the central heating system has either become blocked or partially shut either by hand or by the formation of sludge.


The element of the immersion is coming to the end of its life as limescale and minerals build up on the element itself. This will happen at a much faster rate in areas of hard water. This will result in the water heating up at a slower rate compared to a new immersion heater.

Faulty Thermostat

If the thermostat reading is incorrect on the cylinder this will naturally affect the temperature of the water in the tank. A faulty thermostat will need to be corrected if someone has accidently knocked it or replaced if faulty.

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Hot water tank is heating slowly and has been repaired by 24 Hour Plumber
Hot water cylinder tank repaired by 24 Hour Plumber