It’s understandable to start panicking if you discover water your hot water tank is leaking. If water is leaking look for a red valve around the height of elbow to shoulder height. Turn it off clockwise until has fully stopped. Then run your hot water tap and in 30 seconds to 1 minute the hot water should stop coming from the tap. This may not stop the leak entirely as there is till a body of water still inside the copper tank.

Deposits of limescale and calcium in copper cylinders will over time result in corrosion to the tank and weakening it over time which may eventually lead to a leak. Also signs such as a blue colour appearing in your copper hot water tank otherwise known as oxidation can weaken the cylinder and then starts to pit with holes. This is a good early warning sign that your hot water cylinder needs replacing.

The copper or plastic pipes feeding or leaving the cylinder can corrode or if poorly installed can result in a leak. You will need to contact your local plumber to repair and replace the leaking pipes.

Another cause of a leaking hot water cylinder is when the primary heating coil of the cylinder from the central heating system has become over pressurised and the joints can start to weep and leak.

Contact 24 Hour Plumber in Dublin if your hot water tank is leaking. Our experienced plumbers will repair the source of the problem if possible or replace your damaged hot water cylinder if necessary.

Hot Water Tank is Leaking which was replaced by 24 Hour Plumber in Dublin - dublin plumbing and heating services
A leaking hot water tank replaced by 24 Hour Plumber Dublin

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