Do you have a hot water tank needs replacing. In some cases a part of the cylinder can be repaired or replaced however, if there is extensive damage to the hot water cylinder it will usually need to be totally replaced. Below are some of the reasons why a hot water tank will need to be replaced.

Upgrading to a more cost effective Tank

Replacing your old copper cylinder to a more modern stainless steel cylinder will have many benefits. This includes better retention of hot water in your new cylinder as it comes highly insulated. Your new cylinder also has the capacity to heat the water at a much faster rate with little to no time waiting for hot water to come. Last but not least new hot water tanks are much more energy efficient and will result in lower electricity bills.

A leak to Hot Water Cylinder

As the cylinder ages there is a higher likelihood a leak can occur. This is due to a buildup of sediment and limescale which can cause corrosion to the tank wall possibly causing a leak. The first warning signs include rust spots to the tank. The only solution to this is to replace the hot water cylinder tank.

Hot water Tank needs replacing which was done by 24 Hour Plumber
Hot water cylinder replaced by 24 Hour Plumber

Pressurising your system

Changing from a vented copper hot water tank to an unvented pressurised stainless steel hot water tank with low heat loss. This will mean you will have better high water pressure by using a pressurised system.

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