There is nothing more frustrating when you want to jump in the shower and find there is no hot water. When your hot water tank quickly runs out of hot water there are a few things you need to consider.

Reduced capacity

If your household has been using more hot water the obvious reason is due to your cylinders lack of capacity to provide enough hot water for the family. Your cylinder is simply too small and you may need to consider investing in a larger hot water tank to provide for your family’s needs.

You might also find that if a lot of hot water is being used within a small space of time your cylinder is also too small to deal with the demand for hot water. Consider using the shower at a different time to when washing the dishes for example.

Defect to Immersion Heater

Many hot water cylinders contain two immersion heaters. If one fails either due to age, faulty thermostat, or a build up of limescale and mineral deposits this just leaves one remaining immersion to heat the cylinder. You will find the water will either be very warm or run out very quickly.

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