What is Power Flushing?

Power flushing is a cleansing process that aims to remove sludge deposits, rust, and any other type of debris from your home’s central heating system. Now that that’s settled, the next question is “how does power flushing work?”

Power flushing Dublin
Power flushing Dublin

Power flushing happens as a specialist machine is connected to your central heating system. A cleaning solution is then added. Each individual radiator will then be flushed to remove accumulated sludge, gunk, and metal oxides that have become stuck for years. 

The average house has around eight to ten radiators which would take around 5 hours to clean. Once your radiators have finished being serviced, a corrosion inhibitor will be run through your central heating system to prevent metal oxide build up in the future. This will protect and ensure that your radiators are safe from pinholing.

Top 3 Power Flushing Misconceptions

Over time, water in your pipes, boiler, and radiators collect unwanted dirt that is often a major cause of  your radiators malfunctioning as it releases heat. It may also cause your boiler to shut down. Power flushing not only removes sludge from the system but also prevents blockages to maximize your central heating system. It also prolongs the prowess and life of your central heating system. 

People on the other hand still have misconceptions about power flushing. Here are the most common ones:

  1. Power flushing can fix broken parts. Cleaning the central heating system by any method will NOT fix broken parts. Even if the cause of the broken parts (like sludge accumulation) have been taken out. Our professional plumbers however, can both repair any broken parts  and carry out power flushing.
  2. Power flushing eliminates all the sludge from your system. Power flushing eliminates most of the rust and sludge but not the entirety of it. It’s impossible to remove all of the sludge from your system, particularly if it is an older system.
  3. Equipping your system with a magnetic filter is the same as power flushing. Power flushing machines cycle water at around 100L per minute around your system. A normal system pump can manage 15L per minute. These magnetic filters bank on these system pumps to move and remove sludge and rust which are not that effective when it comes to moving heavy accumulations.

How Much Does It Cost To Power Flush?

At 24 Hour Plumber we offer reasonable prices for our power flushing services. These prices vary from the number or radiators and the amount of work needed to be done by our seasoned professional plumbers. Some other factors to determine power flushing cost would also include the size of your house or property and how bad the issue/s are.

Here’s a couple of estimates for power flushing in Dublin your reference:

For over 15 radiators, the turnaround time for job completion is within the day. This will require a team of two. For other smaller services, one professional plumber is sufficient.

We offer power flushing services in Dublin and surrounding counties. Just send us a message or call us to book an appointment.

Trust the Best Team

At 24 Hour Plumber, our goal is to have your heating system’s power restored the best possible way. A common misconception of people is not knowing that having a clogged-up heating system will only cost you extra than just preemptive power flushing. Have your central heating system cleaned by our professional team will help get rid of your issues for good. Our team uses Adey Magnet Filter Cleaning System.

Trust us for your plumbing and heating needs. 24 Hour Plumber is fully insured, accredited, and experienced in this line of business. As we continue to grow our business and provide you with quality service to different markets, we appreciate your referrals and word of mouth. Our success is as much ours as yours, our loyal clients.

At 24 Hour Plumber we give you an honest quote given by our team of expert plumbers. Get a no obligation quote for your power flushing concerns in Dublin at 085 855 6111 now!