Fixing a push button toilet that won’t flush requires a bit more work than a lever flush toilet. With a lever flush toilet, accessing the cistern parts is as simple as lifting off the lid. Whereas, with a push button flush that is on top of the toilet, it is not so simple.

The button covers (the white or chrome bits we can see) first have to be removed for some types. This allows access to the screw, which releases the siphon from the lid. Other push button flushes unscrew as one piece from the cistern lid. 

Once the lid is off, the syphon itself and all other toilet parts in the cistern need to be checked. Inspect for rubber seals that have become crumbly and damaged. After a while, all toilet parts can become worn, or parts can deteriorate. If this is the case with your push button flush, you will need to have the worn, or possibly all, the parts replaced.

In some instances, a push button that won’t flush is simply being hampered by an easy to remove blockage. Getting the cause of the problem diagnosed quickly and correctly can help save time and money. It can also help you avoid replacing unnecessary toilet parts. 

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