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When it comes to home appliances, the toilet is quite possibly one of the most used and relied upon. When a toilet starts showing signs of a problem, 24 Hour Plumber aims to fix it fast and stress-free. Letting you get back to your day to day knowing you’re in the hands of a plumber you can trust.

A running toilet is an issue we solve for customers daily. With button flush toilets becoming more popular, we come across them and install them more and more.

How To Fix A Running Toilet With A Button Flush

Fixing a running toilet first requires the cause of the problem to be accurately identified. An incorrect diagnosis could lead to unnecessary expense and inconvenience.

Before attempting any repairs (which we only recommend with professional training), ensure the water is off, and the cistern is empty. 

If you have identified a problem with the fill valve, you may have to replace it. Replacing a valve will require the flush button to be detached for the cistern lid to be removed. Next, loosen the valve underneath the cistern.  The valve will come out in one or more pieces, depending on its make.

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