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A toilet that keeps running is the kind of thing that keeps our customers awake at night. Literally! The noise of dripping, running and trickling water has to be one of the number one reasons (exhausted) customers call us. 

When water keeps running into your toilet bowl, it is an indication of a problem with a valve in the cistern. This valve, the fill valve, should control the flow and flush of water. If you have a running toilet then there is a problem with the fill valve.

How to fix a toilet that keeps running?

  1. Always turn off the water supply first.
  2. Empty the cistern, removing all water.
  3. Take out the damaged valve by unscrewing the large bolt (this is beneath the tank)
  4. Use this opportunity to remove any debris and grime using a non abrasive cleaner and cloth.
  5. Carefully insert the new valve into the cistern tank and secure it.
  6. Refill the tank, checking for leaks as it fills.

To avoid leaks, or if you are still experiencing issues with the toilet running, call a professional to avoid expensive repairs. A professional plumber can repair or replace a fill valve and solve the problem quickly and safely.

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