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If you need your toilet repaired contact 24 Hour Plumber on (01) 531 2220. Here we give some advice on how to fix a toilet.

Toilets are a crucial part of daily life. Significant advancements have brought many positive changes to the toilet, but primarily they function as they always have. Below we look at how to fix one of the stranger styles of toilet problems – strange sounds.

How to fix strange sounds coming from the toilets

At times a toilet causes different unusual, possibly irritating, sounds such as:

Ghost flushing:

Ghost flushing occurs intermittently after every few minutes or hours. To fix a toilet ghost flush, you will need to repair or replace the flush valve.

Fill valve hiss

Unlike ghost flushing, a fill valve hiss is a constant noise. It sounds like pressurized air moving through the toilet. This is a sign that water is constantly moving from the fill valve and going into the cistern. Replacing the fill valve should solve the issue.

Water resonance

This noise might be heard anywhere in the home when the toilet is flushed. It can sound like pipes shaking, vibrations or a low humming. Repairing the shutoff valve at the wall and tightening any pipe fixtures can help. 

Incomplete toilet flush

Sometimes, a build up of deposits in the cistern snag the flush and prevent water from flowing into the bowl. This causes an incomplete flush. The best solution is a thorough clean of the cistern parts.

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