If you need your toilet repaired contact 24 Hour Plumber on (01) 531 2220. Here we give some advice on how to fix cistern flush.

Cisterns are the most important part of the flushing process. Without a properly working cistern, a toilet simply won’t work. Sometimes, due to clogging, internal fault, or a defect in the cistern mechanism itself, the toilet flush won’t work. They may even leak, causing damage and wasting water. 

Cisterns sometimes just need a good clean to get rid of mineral deposits and gunk that can cause issues when flushing. At other times they might need light repair or replacement. Here is some advice on how to fix cistern flush.

Check For Leaks

If you suspect that your cistern is leaking when flushed then the leak needs to be found to determine the cause. 

To find a Cistern Leak:

Lower The Float Arm

If water is running continuously after flushing then there may be an issue with the float arm. The float arm controls the flow of water into the cistern. If it is broken or defective then it will fail to stop water from entering the cistern when it’s full. This can lead to water running constantly into the bowl. To correct this, the float arm will need to be adjusted to the right level.

Above was a brief explanation on how to fix a cistern flush. However, If you are experiencing any kind of plumbing problems in your home, call 24 Hour Plumber on 01 531 2220 to book one of our local plumbers near you. 

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