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If your toilet won’t flush, then there’s a fault somewhere in the mechanism. You can attempt to diagnose and repair the problem yourself, but calling a professional plumber is more straightforward and quicker.

How to fix toilet flush button involves checking both the button itself and for related issues inside the cistern.

Checking The Flush Button

Checking the flush button means determining if the lever below the button is being pushed or not. If it’s not pushing as it should, then it may need adjusting. 

Checking The Cistern

To check inside the cistern, remove the lid by unscrewing or uncapping the button first. Carefully store the lid where it won’t get damaged. Next, you will need to assess the flush mechanism for damage, remove attached parts, and replace anything that is clearly damaged.

Replacing The Flush Valve

If you establish that the flush valve is, in fact the issue then it will need to be replaced. This will require purchasing the correct replacement parts and then emptying and removing the entire cistern tank.

Though theoretically simple, replacing the flush valve can get tricky and heavy. A flush valve that is not correctly fitted and a cistern that is not correctly replaced can cause leaks.

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