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If you need your toilet repaired contact 24 Hour Plumber on (01) 531 2220. Here we will give some information on how to remove the toilet cistern.

The toilet cistern is the most important component of the toilet. It holds the water required for flushing the toilet between flushing and houses the entire flush tool. Cisterns are designed built to last a long time but eventually, they will need replacing. This article will give an overview of the simplest way to remove and replace a cistern. 

Empty The Cistern First

First, turn off the water supply by using the tap at the back or side of the toilet. To be on the safe side, turn off the mains supply too. To prevent damage, cover the floor and surface with towels or dust sheets.

Remove Old Cistern

Take off the lid. This should lift off easily but with flush button toilets you may need to release the connection. Carefully undo the wall attachments and inlet pipe at the bottom of the cistern bottom using. Then, lift the old cistern off and out of the way.

Installing The Replacement Toilet Cistern

The replacement of a toilet cistern is similar to its removal. Align everything including the seals that will prevent leak issues. When misaligned, the seals will let water seep out of the toilet. Make sure the flush mechanism is correctly reattached before tightening everything in place.

Test The New Cistern

Once everything is secure, turn the water supply back on and wait for the cistern to fill up. Flush the toilet and check there are no leaks. 

This article has just given some brief information on how to remove toilet cistern. If you are experiencing any kind of plumbing problems in your home, call 24 Hour Plumber on 01 531 2220 to book one of our local plumbers near you. 

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