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How much does it cost to replace an immersion heater?

The cost of replacing an immersion heater in Dublin takes into account the cost of parts and labour. It is unusual for an entire immersion heater to need replacing. Most immersions only require one part, for example, a tank, element or switch replacing. If the whole system needs replacing, the cost will start around €300 depending on the system required.

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Which immersion heater is best?

The best immersion heater depends on your household needs. At 24 Hour Plumber, we only use reliable immersion heater brands and always recommend those that come with a warranty.

When you call for your free quote, we will recommend the best immersion heater and explain why we recommend it. We aim to take the hassle and confusion out of immersion heater replacement and repair by providing a helpful and friendly service.

Are immersion heaters expensive?

Go to any home in Dublin, and you will hear plenty of discussion about the immersion heater being expensive. The truth of the matter is that the expense of running an immersion heater depends on how it used. An immersion that is accidentally left switched on at peak times will, of course, be more expensive to run than one that is used more sparingly. A faulty immersion can also drive up electricity bills, so watch

Is It Better to Leave An Immersion Heater On?

There is a common belief that it is cheaper to leave an immersion heater switched on all the time. Unfortunately, this is a common misbelief as not all immersion heaters are the same. An immersion heater with a thermostat can regulate itself. This is the kind that will not run up extremely high bills. Thermostat immersions switch themselves off when they reach a set temperature. The water then remains hot in the tank, cooling slowly until it gets below the required and predetermined temperature. When it dips below that number, the immersion switches back on again. A thermostat immersion switch is ideal for a household that needs regular hot water throughout the day.

Pro Plumber Tip: Look at your electricity bill to find out when the low tariff times are. Electricity is usually cheaper at night time, so it’s possible to heat your water for less overnight.

How long does an immersion heater last?

An immersion heater should last with no issues for a minimum of five years. However, it is recommended that you have it serviced annually, much like your boiler.

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