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Why would an immersion heater stop working?

An immersion heater will stop working when it has no power source (power cut) or a fault has been created. A fault in an immersion can be caused by:

An element can overheat and break. When this happens it will either stop working entirely or will make water too hot to touch.

Like all parts of household plumbing, sediment from the water can build up in your immersion and cause problems. This is especially common in areas known for limescale and hard water. 

When a thermostat breaks the immersion won’t know if to turn on or off. Likewise, when a timer breaks, the immersion won’t be switched on automatically.

What do you do if your immersion heater not working?

The easiest thing to check when your immersion heater isn’t working is the power fuse. If the immersion has tripped a fuse in the house then the most likely culprit is the element. This is a sign that the element has burnt out and needs replacing.

Why is my immersion heater not heating the water?

This could be a number of things. My first port of call would be to check the electric and then the thermostat. Sometimes, the thermostat accidentally gets knocked and that sends the immersion off kilter. To fix it, the temperature just needs resetting. It is generally advised to set your immersion heater to 50 degrees celsius. 

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