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If your immersion is taking longer than normal to heat your water or has stopped heating it up at all then it may have an element failure. It could also be damaged. An immersion that is no longer working efficiently will inevitably use more electricity and drive up your home heating bills. 24 Hour Plumber‘s professional plumbers will be able to advise you on if repair is possible or if it is time for an immersion heater replacement. 

We help more than 1800 homes in Ireland with their emergency and household plumbing needs like immersion replacements every year. You can depend on our team of experienced, local, plumbers to provide a service that is both professional and friendly. We pride ourselves on having the highest standard of customer service in the industry.

What is an immersion heater? 

Found in most households throughout Ireland, an immersion heater is, in some ways, similar to a giant electric kettle. Your immersion heater has an electrical element inside it that gets hot when switched on and heats up the water within. The immersion heater temperature is controlled by a thermostat. This is usually found beside the immersion in the hot press. 

Immersion Heater Cost

Immersion Running costs 

We often get asked if immersion heaters use a lot of electricity. The answer varies from home to home. How much you rely on your immersion for your daily hot water needs will cause the cost to vary. Some people like to leave the immersion on during the daytime. Letting it stay warm, which the immersion thermostat will maintain. The theory being that it is cheaper to leave on than to heat up a tank of cold water. 

Electric Ireland recommends that you use the immersion heater bath or sink switch to save money, “…heat it with the sink switch it costs/uses about one third of a cylinder = € 0.47“. 

Pro plumber tip: If you are trying to calculate if it is better to keep the immersion heater on or heat as you need it, we recommend that you note the electricity reading at the start and end of each day for a whole week. Keep a note also of the dates you left the immersion on. 

Cost of Immersion Heater Replacement 

Cost of replacing an immersion heater (element) in Ireland is approximately between  €150 – 200 (inclusive of VAT). We offer free quotes which can be organised by phone or email and will come to your home to perform immersion heater troubleshooting before we quote. This will help us diagnose why your immersion is not working for an accurate quote. If we can avoid replacing the whole immersion heater and instead replace or repair an element or immersion wiring then that is the route we will take.

We aim to provide you with a transparent and professional service. That is why our plumbers will always explain their findings and all options to you before proceeding. For your free immersion replacement quote, call us now on (01) 5312220 or 085 855 6111.

Immersion Heater Thermostat

A common problem with immersion heaters is that the water becomes scalding hot or freezing cold. If this has happened in your home then the immersion heater thermostat may need changing. This is a quick job for any of our local plumbing team and can be done at a time that suits you. We can assist all your plumbing needs seven days a week. Book an appointment anywhere in Dublin or nationwide via our contact form

Pro plumber tip: To prevent heat escaping from your immersion heater, keep it insulated with a cylinder tank jacket from any good DIY store.

Maintaining Your Immersion Heater

At 24 Hour Plumber, we recommend that our clients book in an immersion heater health check when you book your annual boiler check. A well cared for immersion will last longer than a neglected one. 

All of our plumbers are highly experienced and qualified in their trade. 24 Hour Plumber are registered gas installers and are accredited by Kingspan Solar. All our plumbers are trained to FETAC Level 6 for plumbing and solar domestic hot water systems.

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