Immersion heater repair jobs in Dublin are a daily occurrence for our Dublin based 24 hour Plumber team. That’s no surprise considering that more than two-thirds of homes in Dublin have an immersion heater. Immersion heater repairs can be broken down into a few clear types:

Old Immersion Repairs

Many houses in Dublin have the original immersion heater that came with the house. We see tanks and immersion heaters that are so old it’s often hard to believe lasted so long. What is common with these old types is that they have been patched up over the years and then finally given up the ghost. 

With old immersion heaters that break down, homeowners often tell us that they find the immersion expensive to run. We have met too many people who have injured themselves because the immersion made the water scalding hot. Both of these things are signs that the boiler is not working correctly.

Never put up with rocketing electric bills or water that burns! Call 24 hour Plumber in Dublin to get your immersion heater checked and repaired.

Faulty Immersion Repairs

The other type of immersion heater repair job that we get called to in Dublin is faulty immersions. Like anything else, an immersion heater can experience many issues. The most common sign of a defective immersion heater is that the water isn’t heating up like it used to. Telltale signs of this are showers that don’t seem as hot as they should be and not having enough hot bathwater.

At times, your immersion heater might just stop switching on at all. This is a clear indication that there is an issue. Issues may be related to the immersion tank, the heating element, the immersion thermostat or the home plumbing system. 

Signs Your Immersion Heater Needs Repairing

Find Out Why Your Immersion Heater Isn’t Working

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At 24 Hour Plumber, we’re skilled at getting to the bottom of the problem quickly. We believe it’s essential to route out the cause of an issue rather than just treating the symptoms. That way, your plumbing will work better for longer. We do the job once, and we get it right the first time. For every plumbing job we attend, we aim to gain a customer for life. So, when you need a plumber you can trust to help you with a broken down immersion heater, call 24 Hour Plumber, Dublin.