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An immersion heater is an integral part of any home and household in Ireland. As a nation, we have been relying on them for generations. So, when an immersion breaks down or stops working as efficiently as is needed, it can be a stressful inconvenience. At 24 Hour Plumber, we aim to have your immersion heater repaired and working again as quickly as possible. When we fix an immersion heater, we do it right the first time. We believe in keeping our customers so happy with our service that they will come back to 24 Hour Plumber time and time again. 

How Do You Know An Immersion Needs Reairing?

The most common signs of a faulty immersion heater include:

Repairing an Immersion Heater

Repairing an immersion heater starts with a complete checkup. This helps out plumbers ensure that they have found the exact source of the problem. It also helps them uncover any hidden symptoms, like leaks that are hard to see or seals worn away.

Typical immersion repair can involve any of the following:

Repairing An Immersion Tank

Immersion cylinder tanks should last a minimum of 5 years before needing any kind of repair. If your immersion tank is leaking, then the repair will involve checking and tightening all valves. On occasion, a worn valve seal may be replaced as part of the repair service. 

On occasion, an immersion tank may need replacing. This is the standard step when hot water appears brown or orange or has sludge in it. Discolouration of water coming from an immersion tank is a sign that it is rusting internally.

Repairing An Immersion Element

An immersion heater element is a relatively small apparatus that sits inside the tank and heats the water. The element is powered by electricity and works similarly to a kettle (it also looks a bit like a kettle element). When an immersion heating element stops working properly, the temperature of the water from the immersion will increase or decrease. 

Repairing an immersion heater element is a relatively straightforward job for our plumbers and one that we regularly attend to. To ensure we can get your hot water back on properly as quickly as possible, we always carry a full stock of plumbing parts. We aim to provide a fast and effective immersion repair job at all times. 

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