Our immersion heater replacement service is available at your convenience. Call 24 hour Plumber or contact us via the website for a free, no-obligation quote. Call 01 531 2220 or request a call back here.

When your immersion heater needs replacing, we will call to your home and assess your needs in full. With the right parts for the replacement job, we will have the old immersion removed and the new one in place in next to no time.

People replace immersion heaters for several reasons. Sometimes an immersion needs replacing because it is old and no longer repairable. On occasion, immersion heaters are replaced during a home remodelling project. This is common in homes that build on extensions to older houses and need to move the hotpress. Replacing it fully allows them to upgrade as they move and ensure that the immersion is adequate for the needs of the larger household.

What To Consider When Replacing Your Immersion Heater

Time  – At 24 Hour Plumber, we work efficiently to ensure that your immersion heater is replaced as quickly as possible. However, do keep in mind that this is by no means a 2-minute job and will require a minimum of two to three hours.

Space – When replacing your immersion heater, we will need to remove the existing cylinder tanks and parts and bring in new ones. This will mean that the space around your hotpress (immersion heater location) will be unavailable whilst we work. 

Water and Hot water needs – Our Plumbers will need to turn off your water supply while replacing your immersion heater. We recommend filling the kettle and a couple of jugs with water before we arrive. 

Home Access – When you book an immersion heater replacement, you will need to ensure that our plumbers have access to the property. If you are a landlord, please ensure that you or the tenant are present at the planned time. You will also need to secure the property when the job is complete.

Cost and payment – When you contact us about replacing your immersion heater, we will give you a free estimate. Onsite, we will confirm the exact cost before starting the job. All of our costs are transparent, and we have no hidden fees.

At 24 hour Plumber, we have different payment options available for your convenience; these include cash, landlord agreement and SumUp card payment. Using our SumUp card reader allows our customers to securely pay using any major credit or debit card – including Visa and  MasterCard.

What to look for in a Plumber – We always recommend using a plumber who is accredited and qualified. An experienced plumber will always provide a more efficient and thorough service too. 

All of our team at 24 Hour Plumber are accredited, qualified and experienced plumbers. On top of that, we are known for our excellent standard of service and dedicated customer service. 

If you have a question about immersion heater replacement, call us at 24 hour Plumber on 01 531 2220 or request a call back here.