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What is an immersion heater?

An immersion heater is used in homes, and sometimes businesses, for heating hot water. It is powered by electricity and, in most cases, is located in the hot press.

How does an immersion heater work?

Immersion heaters have an element inside that looks like a bigger version of that you find in an ordinary kettle. Cold water is fed into the bottom of the immersion tank from the main water supply in the home. 

When the immersion heater is switched on, the element heats the water around it. The hot water rises to the top of the tank and cold water goes to the bottom. In this way, the water is kept on as long as the power supply is on. 

If the immersion heater is switched off before the hot water is used, the hot water will stay in the tank. A well insulated immersion tank can keep water warm for 3 – 4 hours. 

How to tell if my immersion heater needs fixing

Immersion heaters that don’t switch on or switch on but don’t heat water need fixing by a professional. Faulty plumbers can also over heat water or you might notice your electricity bills have spiked for no apparent reason. 

Are immersion heaters expensive?

Most new immersion heaters have both a thermostat and a timer. These immersion improvements mean that it can be less expensive to use the immersion than it used to be.

Immersion thermostat – an immersion with a thermostat will automatically switch off when the water in the tank dips below a set temperature.

Immersion timer – having a timer means that an immersion can be set to come on when electricity is at its cheapest rate.

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