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24 Hour Plumber has nearly 20 years of carrying out immersion heater installation in Dublin. To enquire about our immersion fitting services, call us on (01) 531 2220 / 085 855 6111 or book a plumber here.

As expert heating installers, 24 Hour Plumber is the only plumber you need. Whether you are installing an immersion heater on a new home build or a renovation or replacing your old immersion heater, we can help.

Not only do we install immersion heaters, but we can also help you choose the right immersion for your property and needs. We pride ourselves on customer care and making sure the job is done right the first time. For us, it is important that you are confident about the immersion we are installing and that we answer any questions you might have.

What Immersion To Choose

Choosing a suitable immersion depends mainly on the area of Dublin that you live in. Some areas of Dublin are hard water areas, and others are soft water areas. Both types of water can impact your immersion’s longevity, so it is crucial to choose carefully. Note, when we talk about types of immersion, we are referring to the element that sits inside the cylinder water tank.

Immersions for hard water areas

In hard water areas, all plumbing apparatus should be made from strong material and designed to resist corrosion for longer. Immersions that are suitable for hard water areas are called Incoloy immersion heaters. Incoloy immersions are made from strong alloy but another suitable immersion material is titanium. The latter is a better choice if the water in your area is very hard.

Immersions for soft water areas

Most of Dublin is hard water but in the event that you live in a soft water area, a copper immersion will suit your water type. Some immersion elements also have anti-limescale qualities, call us today for help choosing a new immersion.

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Reasons to Install an Immersion Heater

More than half of the homes in Dublin have immersions for hot water. Immersions aren’t connected to a boiler which means if or when your boiler breaks, you still have hot water. Likewise if you rely mainly on oil or gas for your boiler, a responsibly used and well looked after, immersion could help reduce the household bills.

Immersions with timers can be set up to heat the water during low tariff times too. So you can set it to switch on automatically at night when electricity is cheaper. Your immersion should keep the water hot until morning at least. 

Immersions that have a thermostat will automatically switch off when the water reaches a certain temperature. These are the type of immersion heaters that some plumbing services recommend be left on 24 hours a day. The logic being that the immersion can regulate itself and won’t stay on all day.

Immersion Heater Tips

For a reliable and efficient home immersion, we recommend:

Good insulation

A well-insulated immersion will keep the water it contains hotter for longer. Without insulation, heat from the tank drains out quickly, and the water cools.

Thermostat Controls

Get your water to the perfect temperature without running up high bills. Thermostat controls are helpful for busy homes that need a full tank of hot water at all times. 

Use The Sink Setting

If you only need a little bit of hot water during the day, then switch your immersion to the sink setting. Using the sink setting will allow you to heat only part of the tank and use less money in doing so.

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