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When your immersion heater stops working, we have the plumbers to fix it or replace it.

For emergencies, call 24 Hour Plumber anytime 24/7 on 085 855 6111.

Immersion stopped working?

What to do first…

Has your immersion heater stopped turning on suddenly or switched off unexpectedly? The first thing to do is check the power supply in your home. If there is no electricity then the immersion won’t work. It could also be a fuse – take a look in your fuse box to see if one of them is off. 

When a fuse keeps tripping or won’t switch back on, it’s time to call 24 Hour Plumber. When faulty immersions burnout, they will either just not work or will cause your power to trip.

When to call a plumber…

Call a plumber if:

Safety note – if you notice that your immersion is leaking, do not attempt to switch off the electric. Call for an emergency plumber immediately.

Replacing Immersions…

Sometimes when an immersion stops working it can be repaired. This is often the case when the issue is that the heating element has burnt out. In rarer cases, an immersion that stops working will need replacing. When our plumber calls to your home, they will assess the condition of your immersion and find the source of the problem. They will then explain what they have found and discuss the options with you, helping you make an informed decision.

When you have an immersion heating element emergency, callout 24 Hour Plumber any time of day or night. Find out hot water tank replacement costs and hot water tank prices.