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The immersion heater is at the centre of every Irish household. It’s part of our daily routine, and there isn’t a home in the country that doesn’t hear the words “Have you left the immersion on?” at least once a week.

A significant benefit of having an immersion heater is that they do not rely on a boiler to work. So, if you have a faulty boiler*, you can still get hot water. 

When an immersion heater breaks down or starts leaking, it can cause mayhem in a busy household. No hot water means no baths or showers until it’s fixed. That’s why when your immersion breaks down, we will be there as quickly as possible to repair it for you. We understand that an immersion in need of repair is a huge inconvenience, and we work quickly and efficiently to get your hot water back on.

Signs your immersion heater needs repairing

This may come as a surprise to most Irish householders who have a seemingly ancient immersion, but immersion heaters generally only last a couple of years. Without regular maintenance checks and repairs, an immersion will begin to show signs of wear and age quickly. 

Look out for these symptoms of a failing immersion heater:

What is an immersion heater?

Immersion heaters are electric water heaters usually housed in the hotpress (airing cupboard) of a home. They consist of a large copper tank that fills with water. That water is then heated in the tank using a coil-shaped heating element inside the tank.

There are a few different types of immersion heater and immersion controls. The most basic, traditional style immersion has a simple on-off switch mechanism. Others come with timers that can be preset to ensure the water is hot for your morning shower.

Immersion heater bath and sink options

The on-off style immersion switch typically has a ‘bath’ or ‘sink’ option. These options let you choose between heating the whole tank (bath) or part of the tank (sink). The sink option is usually enough for a hot shower or general daily hot water use around the house.  How long you leave your immersion on to heat up the water depends on the age and type. On average, a full tank will be fully heated in and around half an hour.

Immersion heater booster switches

Immersion heater booster switches are the answer to all those times you accidentally ran up a massive bill by forgetting to turn off the immersion. Boosters come in many forms. One type you might have in your home is the booster dial. Dial boosters allow you to set a time for your immersion to switch on. You will either have to set an off time or set a timer for 10-60 minutes.

Most other types are simple push buttons with options to boost the hot water for a quarter of an hour, half an hour, one hour or two hours.

Repairing immersion heaters

The immersion repair job depends on the issue. When our plumbers call out to your home, we will first diagnose the cause of the problem and then explain how it’s fixed. Repairing an immersion can involve replacing parts such as the heating element or the tank itself.

Pro Plumber Tip – To stop heat escaping from your immersion tank. Invest in a cylinder tank jacket to retain the heat. The insulated jacket will keep the heat where it should be and keep your water hotter for longer.

24 Hour immersion repair plumbers

If you are having any problems with your immersion heater or it has stopped heating hot water altogether, our professional plumbers are available for 24/7 call-outs.

Our plumbers are all experienced and accredited plumbing technicians. At 24 Hour Plumber, we pride ourselves on our expertise, efficiency, and top-class customer service. 24 Hour Plumber is a plumbing service you can trust.

*also, call us if you have a faulty boiler!