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At 24 Hour Plumber, our immersion services include:

For these and any other immersion services, get in touch with our customer service team for more details. At 24 Hour Plumber, we are happy to answer any questions you have about what immersion heater to have fitted. 

Immersion Heater Issues

Our immersion services include a thorough diagnostic check, meaning we get to the bottom of the problem quickly and effectively. When you call us and tell us that your immersion is not working, overheating or leaking, one of our experienced plumbers will call out to you as soon as is possible. Once onsite, they will check the immersion in full to identify what is causing the issue and prevent further unseen issues.

What Causes Immersion Issues?

Immersion heaters can break down for a number of reasons. It could be a case of a faulty part that has finally given up. A lot of the time, it’s old age, wear and tear. 

When To Replace An Immersion Heater

An immersion heater needs replacing when it reaches a point of no longer being repairable. At 24 hour Plumber, we will always attempt to repair an immersion before suggesting a replacement. However, if the immersion appears to be unsafe in any way, we will recommend it is replaced immediately. 

When To Replace An Immersion Heater

There are telltale signs of a broken immersion that you can watch out for. These include water that is either not hot enough or too hot, high bills, leaks and noises.

Book Immersion Services With 24 Hour Plumbing

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Whichever make or type of immersion heater you have in your home, 24 Hour Plumber can help you. We pride ourselves on our excellent knowledge and customer service and always arrive ready to get to work straight away. 

We’re ready for whatever awaits us at every immersion service job we attained—carrying the necessary spare parts to prevent delay and get your heater working as quick as we can.

For all your immersion heater enquiries, contact 24 Hour Plumber call on 01 531 2220 or via our website here.