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Toilet cisterns contain the entire flushing mechanism of a toilet. Without cisterns, toilets simply wouldn’t work. They also play the all-important role of storing water to flush out the bowl when required. 

If you find yourself dealing with toilet cistern issues, leakage is one of the most frustrating problems. Never ignore leaks – no matter how small  – even a tiny amount of water can cause damage to your home. 

Why Do Toilet Cisterns Leak?

Problems with the flush valve

When a toilet cistern leaks, the flush valve in the cistern could be opened. If it is, you might notice water leaking from the toilet cistern and into the toilet bowl. 

How to fix a flush valve – If your flush valve is damaged or broken you will need to replace it with a new one preferably of the same model as the previous one. Contact 24 hour plumber who will safely replace your new flush valve with no hassle.

Problems with the water level

Look in the cistern to see if the water level touches the waterline or above it. Too much water in the tank can cause the cistern to leak.

How to fix a toilet water valve or water level – If the water is above the waterline, the float or valve will need adjusting. 

Problems with rubber washers

Wherever your toilet has a bolt, there is a runner seal to stop water from escaping. This is true of the bottom of the cistern, where rubber seals help hold the bowl and tank together.

How to fix toilet seals – Fixing toilet seals requires the tank to be drained and removed entirely so that new seals can be installed.

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