Macerator toilets have become more common in recent times. One reason is that they have the flexibility in almost any space while not having to extend and install more sewage pipes which means extra cost. The most common macerator toilets in Ireland are provided by Saniflo. However, they do have some disadvantages and the main macerator toilet problems include the following:

Macerator Continuously Running after Flushing

If you find that the macerator runs for a long time after flushing, it’s a sign that the system or unit could be blocked. The blockage could also be located to the wastepipes attached. The microswitch could also be misfiring.

Failure To Run

If the macerator fails to run after a discharge, there may be a problem with the fuse or float operated switch.

Macerator Cycles

If the macerator continuouly cycles it could be due to a faulty non-return valve.

Maintenance of a Macerator Toilet

To keep your macerator toilet in its best condition regular cleaning and maintenance will prolong its life. It is always advised to use a cleaner specifically for macerator toilets. The use of bleach containing products will damage the macerator over time causing corrosion to the seals around the macerator valve.

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