mixer tap problems

Mixer taps are a common plumbing fixture found in kitchens and bathrooms that control the flow of both hot and cold water through a single handle. Over time regular use and mineral buildup can lead to various problems developing with mixer taps.

Some potential issues include faulty cartridges, restrictions in water flow, debris interference, loose fittings and general wear and tear of components.

The cartridge is the small internal part that regulates water temperature and flow. Cartridges gradually wear out due to mineral deposits building up internally or general deterioration. This can cause changes in how the tap handles feel and performs.

Limescale and dirt accumulation both inside the tap spout and around the housing can hamper smooth movement of the handles and result in a stiff, difficult operation. Low water pressure feeding the tap is also problematic and may relate to damage or restrictions in the supply pipework.

Minor issues like loose fittings or slow dripping are usually due to worn washers or seals that need replacing. Taps with twisted or very loose bodies may require a more involved rebuilding kit to be installed.

Regular preventative maintenance like cleaning out limescale buildup and replacing old cartridges helps taps last longer.

Potential solutions include:

Cartridge replacement: €50-80. 1 hour to complete.

Deep cleaning of tap internals: €80-120. 2 hours to complete.

Checking and repairing supply pipes: €150-200. 3 hours to complete work.

Replacing seals/washers: €30-50. 30 minutes to complete.

Repairing or rebuilding damaged taps: €200-350 depending on parts. 2-4 hours to complete.

Contact a plumber to properly diagnose tap problems and provide a custom quote for repairs.

Do You Need A Plumber To Fix Taps?

If you need an Emergency Plumber North Dublin or an Emergency Plumber South Dublin when it comes to water, gas or electric systems in your home, you should always call a professional unless you have training yourself. With taps, a DIY effort can result in loose fittings, flooding, leaks, and expensive taps that don’t work at all. Get in touch for a no-obligation quote before you try to fix or change a tap yourself.

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