Oil Boilers in Ireland – Types, Prices and Professionals

Firebird Oil Boilers Prices Ireland

Firebird produces reliable non-condensing oil boilers for homes. Costs vary by size from €2,000-€4,000 installed. Benefits are efficiency and lifespan of 15+ years normally. Downsides can be higher emissions and servicing needs and costs versus newer condensing models.

Oil Boilers Ireland

Oil boilers remain very common heating system in Irish homes not connected to the gas network. Key types include conventional flame retention and high-efficiency condensing boilers. Prices range from €1,500 for small used models to €6,000+ for large new condensers installed.

Outside Oil Boilers Prices Ireland

External oil-fired boilers allow greater installation flexibility. Costs are similar to indoor models but require extra plumbing. Benefits include avoiding pipe routing through homes. Downsides can be higher risk of freeze damage in severe weather versus indoor units.

Kerosene Oil Burner

An oil burner atomizes heating oil and mixes it with air/gas to combust efficiently inside the boiler. Modern burners achieve over 85% efficiency. Replacement costs €500-800 fitted typically if faulty. Servicing regularly by professionals prevents issues.

Grant Oil Boilers Prices Ireland

Grant produces reliable oil boilers for homes. Vortex condensing oil boiler prices range from €2,500-€5,000 installed depending on size/model. Benefits include high 90% efficiency and cleaner emissions. Downsides can be higher upfront cost versus conventional boilers.

Second Hand Oil Boilers For Sale Ireland

Used boilers offer potential savings of 30-50% versus new but require thorough inspection. Best to purchase from reputable suppliers with guarantees. Risks include unknown service history and unknown lifespan remaining. Professional installation is highly recommended.

Condensing Oil Boiler Prices Ireland

High-efficiency condensing oil boilers are more costly at €3,000-€6,000 typically installed depending on size/brand. However, annual fuel savings offset this. Grants may be available. Major benefits are cleaner operation and higher 90% efficiency versus 80% non-condensing models.

Warmflow Oil Boilers Prices Ireland

Warmflow manufacturers reliable oil boiler ranges. Prices are around €2,500-€5,000 supplied and fitted depending on size/model chosen. Benefits include energy efficient design and service lifetime guarantees. The boilers integrate well with controls for automated heating.

Condensing Oil Boiler For Sale

New condensing oil boiler unit only prices range from €2,000-€4,000 depending on heat output and brand. Installation will be additional typically €1,000-€2,000 extra. Benefits are high efficiency and potential grants. Enquire with specialists for full supply and fit quotes. For over 15 years, 24 Hour Plumber has been a trusted provider of oil boiler services, repairs, replacements and installations across Dublin. As GCG registered professionals, customers receive the highest quality workmanship and aftercare. Contact them today at www.24hourplumber.ie or call 01-531 2220 for your free consultation and quote.

What is the average lifespan of a Firebird boiler?

The average lifespan of a Firebird boiler is 12-15 years when regularly serviced and maintained.

How often do they require servicing?

It’s recommended that Firebird boilers receive a full service every year to ensure safety and efficient operation. This includes cleaning and checking all mechanical parts.

Are grants available for Firebird boiler replacements?

Yes, grants of up to €700 may be available for homeowners replacing an old Firebird boiler with a new condensing model through SEAI.

What is the difference between condensing and non-condensing boilers?

Condensing boilers extract additional heat from flue gases to increase efficiency up to 90% versus 80-85% for non-condensing models. This offers significant heating cost savings.

How much can fuel costs vary each year?

Fuel costs can fluctuate by 15-30% annually depending on oil market prices and severity of winter weather conditions requiring more heating. Improving a home’s insulation helps minimise usage.

Which areas in Ireland are still reliant on oil heating?

Many rural areas without access to the natural gas network still depend on home heating oil. Counties like Donegal, Mayo, Galway, Kerry and along the west coast commonly use oil boilers for heating.

Do external boilers require different maintenance?

External boilers require the same regular annual services but places extra importance on checking for signs of wear from weather exposure like rusting.

What protection is needed against freezing?

External boilers must be installed within a protective insulated boiler house and have pipework buried below frost level or use antifreeze fluid to prevent damage in colder spells.

Are there any safety concerns versus indoor models?

When installed correctly within a boiler house, external boilers present similar safety standards to indoor models with no increased fire or carbon monoxide risks. Professional installation is highly recommended.

How long do modern oil burners last typically?

Quality oil burners with regular annual services typically last 8-12 years before requiring replacement through normal wear and tear.

What are the signs it needs replacing?

Signs include noisy or struggling ignition, excess smoke on start up, inefficient firing or unreliable operation that doesn’t correct after servicing.

Is servicing or replacement best for faulty burners?

Minor issues may be fixed with servicing but if operating poorly or over 12 years old, replacement is best for safety, efficiency and reduced fuel costs.

Do Grant boilers require yearly servicing?

gas boiler replacement Dublin

Yes, to maintain warranty coverage Grant boilers should receive a full annual service to optimise safety, performance and extend boiler lifetime.

What warranties come with a Grant boiler?

Grant boilers include 5 year parts and labour warranties as standard along with optional 12 year thermal store and 5 year extended warranties available.

Can older Grant boilers be upgraded for higher efficiency?

Some older Grant models over 15 years can have upgrade kits installed to increase efficiencies up to 86-88% for reduced running costs versus full replacement.

Firebird Oil Boilers Prices Ireland


Oil Boilers Ireland


Outside Oil Boilers Prices Ireland


Kerosene Oil Burner


Grant Oil Boilers Prices Ireland


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