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24 Hour Plumber will Make Your Heating System Work Efficiently Again with Power Flushing

If your heating system is sluggish and inefficient, it means that there’s a build-up of debris on the inside. It also leads to cold spots in the radiator and a noisy boiler. The deposits include rust, limescale, sludge, and other salts. 24 Hour Plumbers’ experienced team can power flush them out of the heating system.

Our flushing machines can get rid of the debris using water at high pressure. Call us now for a warm and cosy winter.

Warning Signs Your Heating System Needs Power Flushing

  • Your radiators take longer than usual to heat up
  • You may notice cold spots in some of your radiators
  • Leaks to your radiators
  • Excessive noise coming from your heating system
  • Water is discoloured or not coming at all when you bleed your radiator
  • Turning up the heating to make your home warmer
  • Having to regularly restart your boiler

Contact 24 Hour Plumber on (01) 531 2220 or 085 855 6111

24 Hour Plumber uses a product called Magnacleanse. This product flushes through any debris including magnatite, limescale, or others deposits that have been clogging up your heating system. 

It also removes hardened debris that has built up over the years and reduces the need to remove radiators to clean the heating system. Using Magnacleanse will also prolong the life of your boiler as less debris will pass through the boiler causing less problems.