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24 Hour plumber provides power flushing Dublin. Having a clean central heating system is integral if you want to maintain its health and prowess. Power flushing is one popular cleaning method of doing so. 

Power flushing is preferred by most people in Dublin due to its quick and comprehensive outcome. Having a clean heating system has proved to have many benefits.

Power Flushing
Power Flushing

What are the benefits of getting a Powerflush?

Is Power Flushing the key?

Having said this, the questions you should be asking are “Are my radiator valves working properly? Do I need power flushing to fix it

If you experience a circulation problem from your central heating system, our experts suggest you turn off a couple of working radiators to see if the broken ones can still provide heat. This proactive measure can buy you some time to have our team identify if power flushing is the solution to your problem.

Power flushing when done correctly is a laborious task. A specialist machine will be connected to your central heating system where a cleaning solution is placed. Each individual radiator will then be flushed to remove any accumulated sludge, gunk, and metal oxides that have lodged over the years. The average house has around eight to ten radiators which would take around 5 hours to clean. Once your radiators are finished being serviced, a corrosion inhibitor will be run through your central heating system to prevent metal oxide build up in the future. This will protect and ensure that your radiators are safe from pinholing.

When Do I know it’s time to Power Flush?

If your heating system experiences any of these flowing problems, it might be time to consider power flushing:

Trust only the Best

At 24 Hour Plumber, our goal is to have your heating system’s power restored the best possible way.  Having your central heating system cleaned by our professional team will help get rid of your issues for good. Our team uses Adey Magnetic Filter Cleaning System.

Trust us for your plumbing and heating needs. 24 Hour Plumber is fully insured, accredited, and experienced in this line of business. As we continue to grow our business and provide you with quality service, we appreciate your referrals and word of mouth. Our success is as much yours as ours, our loyal clients.

Power Flush in Dublin

For your plumbing and heating issue, don’t hesitate to contact 24 Hour Plumber. Our team of expert plumbers will be more than happy to assist you with power flush in Dublin or any other plumbing issues. Get a quote for power flushing in Dublin on (01) 531 2220 or 085 855 6111 now!